Exmark Premium Hydro Oil

2014 Premium Hydro Oil

Why Should I Buy Exmark Premium Hydro Oil?

Not all hydraulic oils are created equal. Most have been designed for the ever-changing automotive and truck market. Until now. Exmark recognizes the need for the right hydraulic oil specifically designed to perform under tough, commercial mowing conditions.

Today's higher-performing hydro systems require a premium oil to enhance control performance. To get that performance, Exmark has formulated an oil with twice the shear stability of competing oils. Field tested and proven, Exmark hydro oil will deliver superior anti-wear protection for any Exmark hydraulic system.

To back that up, Exmark will now honor our hydraulic warranty with change intervals two times longer (500 hours) than your current oil (250 hours) on new machines*.

See your Exmark dealer and ask for the right oil for your mower today - Exmark Premium Hydro Oil.

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