Adapt Technology

Adapt Decal

Adjust deck rake for optimum performance on any turf, in any conditions.

Landscape professionals have long known that deck rake, also known as blade pitch, is one of the most effective ways to optimize cutting system performance for different turf varieties and cutting conditions. Whether to optimize finished cut quality on a high-end residence or increase capacity to deal with overgrown properties or stemmy weeds, deck rake adjustments can make one deck perform optimally on every type of turf.

Unfortunately, until now adjusting deck rake required tools, time, and multiple measurements to ensure you got it right. As a result, deck rake adjustments rarely, if ever, got made.

That’s all changed now, thanks to Exmark’s exclusive Adapt technology. Available on select Lazer Z X-Series, Lazer Z V-Series and Vertex V-Series models, Adapt technology enables the operator to make quick, accurate deck rake adjustments easily from the operator position. With Adapt, adjustments that used to take hours can be made in a matter of seconds, with unmatched accuracy.

Watch the video above to learn more about Adapt and why it’s such an important advancement for landscape professionals and homeowners alike.