Tractus Airless Drive Tires

The result of an exhaustive multi-year development process, both in the lab and in the field, Tractus airless drive tires maximize the productivity and uptime performance of our Lazer Z zero-turn mowers. Tractus works with our semi-pneumatic front caster tires to eliminate flat tire related downtime, while reducing routine maintenance and increasing overall reliability.

In addition to eliminating flat tires, Tractus raises the bar in every performance metric when compared to traditional pneumatic drive tires.

  • A larger contact patch provides more consistent ground pressure for reduced turf compaction, increased lateral stability and a better, more consistent cut quality.
  • Tractus improves ride quality and operator comfort, with less bounce and a more refined feel.
  • The proven tread design prevents turf damage while delivering superior traction and stability on turf and hard surfaces.
  • An innovative tread compound boosts durability by 3-5 times, with reduced marking on concrete.
  • The airless Tractus design makes tire pressure checks a thing of the past, so crews spend less time on daily maintenance.

Tractus is available as an aftermarket accessory for any 60- or 72-inch gasoline-powered Lazer Z.

See your Exmark dealer for complete Tractus details. View warranty details here.