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Exmark Commercial Electric Mowers

When the world shifts, so do we. As more communities enact noise ordinances and zero engine emission mandates, we've responded with a new generation of cutting-edge commercial electric mowers. Our electric mowers deliver the durability, cut quality, and productivity customers expect from Exmark, along with zero engine exhaust emissions and reduced sound output. They're environmentally friendly and easy on your budget, delivering a great return on investment.

Commercial 21 V-Series

Mower Deck Width: 21” Two 60V, 7.5Ah Batteries Included

Commercial 30 V-Series

Mower Deck Width: 30” Three 60V, 7.5Ah Batteries Included

Vertex V-Series

Mower Deck Width: 52” Non-Removable Battery Included

Lazer Z V-Series

Mower Deck Width: 60” Non-Removable Battery Included

Quest V-Series

Mower Deck Width: 42” Four 60V, 7.5Ah Batteries Included

Enter the Quiet Zone

Quieter mowers are in high demand. Our new generation of commercial electric mowers deliver reduced sound output, while continuing to deliver the quality, efficiency, and productivity Exmark is known for.

Zero Engine
Exhaust Emissions

Zero engine exhaust emission areas are growing in popularity, but they don't have to compromise the quality of your work. Our electric mowers offer zero engine exhaust emissions, so you can stay compliant without sacrificing efficiency.

Professional Power

Commercial 21 V-Series

Removable Flex-Force Power System

The new Commercial 21 and 30 V-Series mowers offer Exmark performance in an electric walk-behind mower. The 60V rechargeable power system means no gas or oil, and virtually no maintenance, and the low sound output and zero engine exhaust emissions make them perfect for landscaping projects in today's communities. The Quest V-Series is the perfect addition for a homeowner looking for these same benefits.

Vertex V-Series

Hypercell Non-Removable Power System

Exmark's Lazer Z V-Series zero-turn rider and Vertex V-Series stand-on electric mowers feature advanced HyperCell power systems with patent pending software that deliver superior performance and productivity, zero engine exhaust emission, and more than seven hours* of runtime. The commercial electric deck and wheel motors provide instant torque to power through large mowing jobs, while eliminating a number of maintenance items, including belts and oil and filter changes.

Horizon360 Connect

Exmark stand-on electric mowers are wirelessly connected to our Horizon360 Connect fleet management software, for real-time updates to the location, charge status and other equipment information. With Horizon360 Connect, it's easier than ever to manage your electric mower fleet from wherever you are.

ROI Calculator

Exmark electric mowers offer the same superior quality of our gas mowers, plus a clear return on your investment in the form of gas savings and reduced maintenance. Use the calculator below to determine your personalized savings.

Your Total Cost Calculations

Your Total Cost Calculations

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