If you mow lawns for a living, then you already know - the mower engine makes all the difference in a machine. That's why, at Exmark, we give so much thought to matching engine and machine for the most optimized mower performance possible. On select models, we even develop our own engines - built precisely to our specifications and allowing us to control engine quality from start to finish. Recent innovations include a super-quick and easy oil drain system, and an advanced air intake system specially designed to decrease dirt ingestion and increase performance. And after the sale, we'll be right there with you - with industry-leading parts, service, technical support and a powerful warranty.

Available Models

Model Engine Displacement Application Fuel Type
Single Cylinder 452cc Zero Turn Gas
V Twin 708cc Zero Turn Gas

Before Each Use Every 10 Hours Every 25 Hours Every 50 Hours Every 100 Hours Prior To Storing
Check Intake Cover Screen
Check Engine Oil Level
Check Air Filter for dirty, loose or damaged parts.
Replace air filter element
Change engine oil and replace oil filter (after initial 5 hour break-in change)
Clean battery terminals
Clean engine cooling fans
Check spark plug condition and gap
Replace fuel filter