Exmark Premium Fuel Treatment

Why Should I buy Exmark Premium Fuel Treatment?

With today’s use of Ethanol blended gasoline, it is critical to treat the fuels used in outdoor power equipment with a quality fuel stabilizer and carbon cleaner; especially when that equipment sees intermittent use. Exmark Premium Fuel Treatment is designed and tested by the engineers at Exmark to address the negative aspects of today’s fuels as well as prevent fuel degradation in all Exmark machines.

Exmark Premium Fuel Treatment is a complete fuel system cleaner and treatment combination. It treats fuel for storage or for machines that see intermittent use, and minimizes the effects of moisture in fuel. It is designed to address today’s modern Ethanol-blended fuels that tend to absorb moisture easier than non-blended fuels. Exmark Premium Fuel Treatment also cleans valves, sticky rings and carbon deposits. It contains dispersants that break down carbon molecules that build up on internal engine parts and allow them to be burned in the engine and expelled through the exhaust.

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