The Lazer Z:
A Top-Rated Zero-Turn

Choose the Lazer Z zero-turn mower when you're looking for the very best cut. We offer a top rated series of mowers that makes lawn care a breeze. For years, the Lazer Z has been the standard of excellence for commercial zero-turns. Today more than ever, the Lazer Z is coveted by landscape pros and homeowners for its cut quality, productivity, durability and up-time performance.

Convenient Features

Zero turn means just that there is literally zero turning radius. Our Lazer Z zero-turn lawn mowers save on precious time because they are easily maneuverable and simple to use. When you have a large lawn to maintain, the Lazer Z will make all the difference in the world. The Lazer Z also makes it easy to cut closely around obstacles like flowerbeds and bushes. Depending on the model, the Lazer Z is available with: a gasoline, diesel or propane engine, and Exmark innovations like patented RED Technology and EFI with E-Gov. Our ergonomic seating system provides the next major step in mower comfort, minimizing vertical and lateral motion. Available deck widths: 48-, 52-, 60-, and 72 inches.

Innovation at Its Finest

For years, the Exmark Lazer Z has been considered the industry standard for zero-turn mowers. Its legendary durability and up-time performance has made it the go-to for landscape professionals, with our zero-turn mowers trusted 2 to 1 over the next best-selling brand by landscape professionals.

The Exmark Lazer Z is unmatched in productivity and durability and continues to lead the industry in innovation. So if you're ready for the best zero-turn mower, choose the Lazer Z.

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Lazer Z E-Series

This mower strikes a perfect balance of value and performance featuring a Deck Support System, Simplified Hydro-drive, Unibody Frame and available with a Rear Discharge Deck.

Lazer Z S-Series

This mower is tough and built to last. Available with the EFI System that optimizes Fuel Delivery, and Gas-powered models with a single 12-gallon tank which means less time at the pump.

Lazer Z X-Series

Our top-of-the-line series features RED Technology, a Simplified Hydro-drive, Ultracut Series 6 Deck and a new level of comfort with our patented Iso-Mount Seat Isolation System.

Lazer Z Diesel

For a variety of reasons, the redesigned diesel-powered Lazer Z mowers may be the right choice for your cutting needs.