If you have never used a zero-turn mower before, you might be wondering what they offer that walk-behind mowers and lawn tractors do not. Our zero turn mower FAQs answer your most pressing questions and offer you a look at one of the most in-demand mowers in both the commercial and residential markets.

What is a zero-turn mower?

As the name suggests, zero-turn mowers allow you to maneuver your mower on a turn radius that is zero degrees. In other words, you are essentially pivoting exactly where you stand (the phrase "turn on a dime" comes to mind). In order to accomplish this, there is usually no steering wheel - instead, two steering handles connected to independent wheel motors control the unit.

How do you steer a zero-turn mower?

The lack of a steering wheel might have you concerned about your ability to drive a zero-turn mower, but they are actually quite easy and intuitive to control. Each handle operates independently, so moving the right handle will move your right wheel and vice versa. Most users find that transitioning to a zero-turn mower is much easier than they expected.

Do zero-turn mowers reduce mowing times?

One of the biggest benefits to zero-turn mowers is the reduced amount of time required to mow a lawn. These machines are more efficient overall, as they allow you to maneuver more easily around obstacles. You also have a clear view of the cutting deck as you drive so you can trim edges and mow tight areas more easily. See our mower productivity chart to get an idea of what an Exmark mower can do for your mow times.

How fast does a zero-turn mower go?

Your top speed will depend on which zero-turn model you purchase and how fast you are comfortable mowing. Some models operate at up to 13 mph, though users typically mow at a somewhat lower average speed. You will also have to make considerations for riding over rough terrain or on slopes.

How comfortable is a zero-turn mower?

Exmark specializes in maximizing operator comfort with superior ergonomics and features that compensate for the extra movements.

What type of homeowner would benefit from a zero turn mower?

If you have a large yard, extended acreage, or a yard with a lot of plantings and obstacles, you could benefit from a zero-turn mower - especially if you are interested in reducing the amount of time you spend mowing. Homeowners who want the look of a professionally mowed lawn can also benefit, as zero-turn mowers are designed to provide picture-perfect results.

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