Exmark Fleet Program

Exmark FleetLoyalty has its rewards.

Receive a 15% discount off national commercial sale price with as little as a two unit purchase. Fleet discounts for all future purchases within 2 years.Extend your fleet benefits with additional purchases. Visit your local dealer to establish your Exmark fleet today.

Fleet Advantage Program

Purchase at least 12 points in eligible new equipment�on one invoice to receive Fleet Program pricing.�Qualifying purchases receive Fleet Program Member pricing for 24 months�on additional purchases.

Renewals: If cumulative purchases totaling 6 points�are made within the membership period, the Fleet Program Membership Period is extended by an additional 24 months.

Mini-Fleet Program

Purchase at least 7 points in eligible new equipment�on one invoice to receive Fleet Program pricing. Qualifying purchase results in a one-time discount.

Test out the Exmark Advantage with a 7-Point Fleet Deal!

When you're satisfied with your purchase, Grow to a Fleet�within 90 days, by making one additional purchase of units to achieve 12 points total. Receive Fleet Program pricing on the second purchase and a 24-month Fleet Membership Period�from original purchase date.

Eligible Products

6 Points
4 Points
3 Points
2 Points
1 Point
1/2 Point

Fleet customer purchases Exmark products on one purchase order, to one customer, for a minimum of 7 or 12 points in any combination of eligible new Exmark units.�Rebates for this program cannot be combined with other promotions or support programs to achieve additional discounts or incentives unless explicitly allowed. Not available in all areas. See your local dealer for details.