Commercial Plug Aerators

We engineered our commercial-grade plug aerators to cover a one to two acre areas per hour because we know that turning a profit is the main goal of your lawn maintenance services. Our industry-leading grass aerators come with intuitive control, maneuverability, and straightforward operation. Whether you are looking for a walk-behind or stand-on model, we are here to help you find a model that will fit your needs.

Walk-Behind Aerator:

When it comes to walk-behinds, Exmark is way ahead of the competition. Our 21-inch, transaxle-drive S-Series aerator is incredibly easy to use, thanks to straightforward controls for intuitive operation. Reaching speeds up to 4 mph, it is capable of aerating nearly an acre per hour.

Stand-On Aerator:

You can aerate more than 1.8 acres per hour with Exmark's 30-inch stand-on model, which operates at up to 7 mph. The new 24-inch stand-on model goes up to 6.8 mph and aerates nearly 1.4 acres per hour. With intuitive controls similar to commercial mowers, it is incredibly easy to operate just about anywhere. It is also easy on the operator with a unique platform suspension that provides an extra-smooth ride.

If you need help deciding which of our lawn aerators is right for your business, we are here to help.

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Stand-On Aerator

Productivity is the key to profitability for your business, and our Aerators cover from one to two acres per hour with intuitive controls, maneuverability and straightforward operation. 

Walk-Behind Aerator

This Commercial Grade Aerator features Infinitely Variable Drive Speed and Powered Reverse, 3-Position Adjustable Handle, Heavyweight Performance for Compact Soils and Heavy-Duty, Self-Cleaning Tines that pull 4.6 plugs per square foot.

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