Commercial-Grade Lawn Aerators

We engineered our commercial-grade lawn aerators to cover a one to two acre areas per hour because we know that turning a profit is the main goal of your lawn maintenance services. Our industry-leading grass aerators come with intuitive control, maneuverability, and straightforward operation. Whether you are looking for a walk-behind or stand-on model, we are here to help you find a model that will fit your needs.

Walk-Behind Aerator:

When it comes to walk-behinds, Exmark is way ahead of the competition. Our 21-inch, transaxle-drive S-Series aerator is incredibly easy to use, thanks to straightforward controls for intuitive operation. Reaching speeds up to 4 mph, it’s capable of aerating nearly an acre per hour.

Stand-On Aerator:

You can aerate more than two acres per hour with Exmark’s stand-on model, which operates at up to 7 mph. With intuitive controls similar to commercial mowers, it is incredibly easy to operate just about anywhere. It’s also easy on the operator with a unique platform suspension that provides an extra-smooth ride.

If you need help deciding which of our lawn aerators is right for your business, we are here to help.

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Stand-On Aerator

Featuring Exceptional Core Depth with 1,200 pounds of down-pressure pulling up to five-inch plugs, Traction and More Traction driven by both the wheels and the tires, Zero-Turn Agility and integrated Hydraulics Systems using Zero Hoses.

Available Models

Walk-Behind Aerator

This Commercial Grade Aerator features Infinitely Variable Drive Speed and Powered Reverse, 3-Position Adjustable Handle, Heavyweight Performance for Compact Soils and Heavy-Duty, Self-Cleaning Tines that pull 4.6 plugs per square foot.

Available Models