Turf Tracer Propane

We paired our Turf Tracer wide area walk behinds with eco-friendly propane power, letting you mow faster and cleanly. And, propane is typically less expensive than gasoline, lowering your operator costs.

Our patented Enhanced Control System (ECS) provides day-long operator comfort and lowering operator fatigue. Hydro-drive systems reduce maintenance and increase durability. Rugged Kohler engines operate at speeds up to 6.75 mph, and with cutting decks up to 60�, you�ll cover more ground in a day.

The propane option is available for the Turf Tracer S-Series and the Turf Tracer X-Series, with deck widths from 36- to 60-inches.

Turf Tracer S-Series Propane

Turf Tracer® S-Series: Made-to-order performance in a floating-deck, Hydro-drive mower.

Available Models

Turf Tracer X-Series Propane

Turf Tracer X-Series: The walk-behind that’s miles ahead of the competition.

Available Models