Why should I buy Exmark Original Blades?

You know the difference between right and wrong. More importantly, you also know the difference between right and almost right. Exmark original mower blades are right for your machine. Aftermarket service parts companies provide “almost right.” The truth is, no aftermarket parts provider owns the original design, engineering and test requirements needed to make meaningful, original quality claims. 

To prove that idea, we recently performed a detailed physical study of aftermarket blades very close to the OEM equivalent in appearance. The results revealed a story the other guys don’t want us to tell. Five out of six blades evaluated fell short of the Exmark original mower blade specification in one or more of the following key areas:

  • Length
  • Sail height
  • Blade tip offset
  • Tip to tip tracking

Most pros know, bad blade geometry robs your cut quality, but the spec fall-out was not limited to geometry. Looking even closer, we found that even the quality of the metal had been cheapened. A notable reduction in carbon content in competitive blades meant more brittleness and premature wear. The deeper we looked, the more we learned that aftermarket, will-fit blades appear to be right on the surface. To get an Exmark quality of cut, almost right just isn’t right.

With Exmark Original Parts, you know that every blade, belt, and bearing you sell or install has been qualified as the very best. That truth cannot be ignored. Maintain your machine to the highest standards with Exmark Original Parts

  • Always maintain a good cutting edge with limited dings and dents
  • Set your grinder to achieve a factory edge of 28 degrees (1/4 to 5/16 ground edge)
  • Never overheat your blade during the sharpening process. Cool with a wet rag or by dipping in water
  • Rotate grinding wheel into the blade during sharpening - not away from the wheel
  • Reduce grass stragglers by sharpening your blade all the way to the center hole
  • Poorly manufactured blades can be warped, which will diminish your quality of cut. Carefully inspect your blades to ensure they are flat
  • Check the blade and its air foil for imperfections at the start of every mowing day
  • Check blade balance after each sharpening
  • Blade balance should be checked after striking any object
  • Exmark blade tips at full speed move at 18,500 feet per minute. At that speed, even minor imperfections can put undue vibration stress on your deck. In turn, that stress can lead to deck cracking
  • To balance, grind one pass on cutting surface at a time, then recheck
  • Safety.
  • Well-balanced blades reduce deck vibration that can cause deck cracking
  • Sharp blades enhance your quality of cut in any conditions
  • Sharp blades also improve fuel economy, and belt & engine life
  • Blades sharpened at the end of every day of mowing will last longer than blades sharpened only once every five days of mowing
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