Exmark Original Parts FAQs

You bought your Exmark machine for a reason. You wanted the best machine money can buy because you need the best reliability and quality of cut. Let’s keep it that way. Exmark Original parts protect your investment because every part has been qualified as the very best. We have engineered, designed and tested each component to exacting standards for your particular machine to perform its best. No aftermarket company can make that claim. If you don’t use Exmark Original Parts, your machine isn’t 100% Exmark.

All three terms can be applied to Exmark Premium Engine Oil, depending on the meaning put behind them. The automotive industry typically uses the term “synthetic” in a marketing context. Exmark also uses that term to describe our engine oil, but more importantly, we encourage customers to consider the unique needs of air cooled engines in our industry vs. automotive engines. What properties does our oil have that typical automotive oils don’t have? Answer – high levels of zinc, phosphorous and anti-corrosion additives. Our oil does not have to conform to the standards and restrictions imposed on the automotive industry today, enabling us to include the elements and ingredients air cooled engines love.

In this day and age, buying online from the comfort of your own home can be the most convenient option available – especially if your dealer is not real close to you. We would not discourage you from shopping online for Exmark Parts. Many online sources will do a tremendous job selling you the right, Exmark Original part at a fair price. Rather, we would caution you about buying online, for a few reasons. First, nobody will do a better job at ensuring you receive the right part for your machine than your local Exmark dealer. They know your machine well, and will be updated with the latest parts information from our factory to ensure the proper part selection. Also, visiting your Exmark dealer gives you the best opportunity to preference the Exmark Original part.