Propane Mowers - An Eco-Friendly Option

A propane lawn mower can save you some cash and leave little impact on the planet. We have zero turn and walk behind models, all with unmatched quality, productivity and durability. Electric Fuel Injection (EFI) keeps you running at an even rate. And with cutting decks in 48-, 52-, 60- and 72-inch widths, you'll find the right propane-powered mower for your lawn care business.

Advantages of Propane

At Exmark, we're constantly working to find better, more environmentally sound solutions for landscape professionals looking to reduce their impact on the environment. As part of that challenge, we're offering eco-friendly mower options to be easier on the planet while continuing to deliver exceptional performance.

When it comes to environmentally friendly fuel, propane is the leading option. Propane is a cleaner, greener alternative fuel. When burned, it produces up to 25% less greenhouse gas than gasoline. At Exmark, we've raised the bar on propane-fueled lawn mowers with improved starting, stronger performance, and dramatically reduced fuel consumption, meaning lower operating costs for you.

See why switching to propane mowers with EFI could boost your bottom line.

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Transitioning Mower Fleet to Propane

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