Vertex S-Series Mower


Designed to raise the bar for stand-on mower performance, cut quality and durability, the all-new Vertex delivers productivity landscape professionals can depend on. Compact, maneuverable, and easy to operate, Vertex is the right tool for a wide range of mowing jobs.

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View Vertex Models

Vertex S-Series

Deck widths from 48" to 60"

As low as $12,699  or $375  per month USD

Vertex E-Series

Deck widths from 32" to 36"

As low as $9,899  or $292  per month USD

Vertex X-Series

Deck widths from 52" to 72"

As low as $14,499  or $428  per month USD

Vertex V-Series

Deck width starting at 52"

As low as $39,999  or $1,180  per month USD

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