Vertex V-Series

As low as $39,999  or $1,180  per month USD

The new Vertex V-Series electric stand-on mower gives landscape maintenance professionals a clear edge when competing for contracts with sound ordinances or zero engine exhaust emission mandates. The electric mower delivers all the commercial durability, productivity, and cut quality you expect from an Exmark, in an amazingly fast, quiet, and easy-to-use electric stand-on mower. The HyperCell power system provides up to seven hours of run time with each charge allowing you a full day's worth of mowing without a single recharge. Plus, our patent-pending software package delivers precise maneuverability with intuitive controls. And, Horizon360 Connect remote software is included, giving you full app-based connectivity to settings, location, and data from your Vertex V-Series machines.

Looking for the state of the art in electric commercial stand-on mowers? You've found it in the Vertex V-Series. The battery powered Vertex is available with a 52-inch deck width. Take advantage of the zero engine exhaust emission, low maintenance electric mower today.

Mower deck widths: 52"
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Vertex V-Series Features


Adapt System

Make quick adjustments to optimize quality of cut and performance for a variety of turf types and conditions. Particularly in wet, overgrown, or lush conditions, or stemmy grasses and weeds.



The HyperCell power system produces zero engine exhaust emissions and provides up to seven hours of runtime with each charge.

Model Specs

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