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Exmark mowing systems are the talk of the industry.

A key reason why Exmark® is the best-selling brand of mowing equipment for the landscape professional is because Exmark owners are so honest and willing to talk about what it’s like to work our machines every day. For that we’re grateful and encourage you to do a little talking as well.

Please take a moment to share how you feel about your Exmark mowing system.

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Michael Ross
M.A.R. Landscaping
Over the years I have used all the top name brand mowers, Hustler, Bunton, Scag, Dixie, Walker, Wright, and Bobcat.... They DO NOT even come close to eXmark! The quality, durability, and productivity of eXmark is flawless. First, the cut quality is absolutely amazing! I just bought a 60' Lazer Z X-Series with the UltraCut Series 6 Deck and the stripes that it lays down, look like a fairway at a golf course. And I don't have the striping kit on it. Second, the durability of this unit is unbelieveable. I was shocked at the time that went into building this machine. Everything on it is heavy duty, built for the most demanding of commercial use. And last, but not least, my productivity has gone through the roof. It's making such a huge difference, that my workers are complaining about not getting enough hours. They get done with their route each day at least 60 to 90 minutes early, and the properties look better than they ever have! As far as I'm concerned, eXmark is the only way to go!
Erick Gonzales
Clute, TX
Upgraded from 48' '06 LazerZ to new 48' 2012 LazerZ E-series; smooth ride and excellent cut. Examrk is the way to go...
Zachary Matouka
Warren, MI
I would compare my Lazer X Series to food; I could not live without. It is that simple.
Sandy Smith
Eagle, ID
I bought my Lazer Z 14 years ago, ran it for 6 years there. Moved it 2200 miles and have run it 9 years in Idaho. Replaced a belt, blades, rollers, a battery and filters, nothing else. What a piece of machinery. I have owned a lot of equipment, from large Caterpillar loaders to 300 ton cranes to Business jets. Nothing has the return on investment that the Lazer Z has!
b.j. godfrey
owner- riverbend landscape service
my lazer z has allowed me to double the volume of my business. i use it on a variety of properties from hilly to flat , big and small, residential and commercial. its fast when i need it to be and its great control allows me the finesse to do the high end stuff. its one mower that can do just about anything you want it to with a signature quality exmark cut.. its not idle words..the cut quality of it is amazing. simply put-best mower ever.
Dan Tysiachney
Edinboro, PA
Bought my Lazer 60'Advantage Series at the end of the 2011 mowing season and didn't get to use it much. However, this year it has taken 1.5 hrs off of mowing my 6 acres. Incredibile machine.
Mike Morely
Spokane, WA
Love my Lazer Z. Didn't know how I was getting by before I started buying Z's three years ago.
Scott Czarnowczan
Had a Bobcat walk behind, then 2 months ago I bought a Exmark 60in Lazer Z EFI. After my first pass with this mower I could tell how much nicer and how much finer of a cut the Exmark produces. I am now currently selling my Bobcat and looking to buy an Exmark TurfTracer or an Advantage. Will never buy a mower beside Exmark. They have me sold for life.
David Hess
Williamsburg, OH
I purchased my Turf Ranger in May 1992, so this is my 19th season using this equipment. It is not used for business. I mow about 4 acres per week. It is the best investment in mowing equipment I have ever made. I wish this model was still in production - I would buy another one without hesitation. Having that 60' deck out front is great. I can mow down material that is two feet tall with no problem.
Wayne Crow
Alabaster, AL
Just purchased my first exmark mower about 6 weeks ago. I went with the commercial 21 Advantage Series. Love everything about it from the ease of use to the nice finish of the cut. Must say the guys at 3 M Karts and Mowers in Pelham Alabama was a pleasure to work with.
george lilly
beckley, WV
i just got a 1996 exmart lazer z 60 in cut with it has a koler 25 hp engin and 2700 hrs on it. it still runs and looks great
Billy Lewis
L & L Lawn Service
Saline, LA
I was introduced to Exmark by my sister who was an Exmark dealer. She has sold the dealership and I still buy Exmark mowers. I have one 60' with a 27 hp Kohler and one 60' xs with a 35 hp Vanguard. What will be my next mower purchase be? EXMARK!!!
James Grinalds
Mower Boys
Cincinnati, OH
Exmark totally owns other mowers. I bought a husqavarna which blew up after 300 hours. After I bought an Exmark, I have not had that awful feeling. I have a Lazer Z which runs like a dream. One of the coolest parts about Exmarks is that you can sell them really fast if you need to. One local guy I know put up 17 Turf Tracers on Craigslist four days ago and they were all gone two days ago. Exmark rules!
Calvin Opitz
Danbury, NH
I have had my Exmark Quest 48' mower for one full season. I am generally quite happy with the mower. It is true that my mowing times have been cut to 1/3 of what they were with my old lawn tractor mower -- and it's fun to use. My only negative comment regards parts. Last July my main belt broke and the dealer didn't have one in stock. It took 3 weeks of downtime before I received a replacement, and that is a lot of grass growing time. I asked Exmark about the 'next day part guaranty' and they told me it only applied to 'participating dealers.' I guess my dealer wasn't one of them! Potential buyers should check that their dealer supports that program.
J.R. Swaw
Hodges Lawn Care & Landscaping
Our fleet of EXMARK lazer z mowers are exceptional, in comparison to others! I have been in the lawn care buisness for over 15 yrs and i have never operated a mower with more confidence. There is not a brand of mower that in some time i havent operated NONE hold a candle to these. I have mowed some places other mowers simpily wont go period! With their outstanding handling and superior cutting there will no longer be a search for a better mower! The series 60 deck is as tough as a tank. I can honestly say if asked how i liked the EXMARK mowers i would highly reccomend them and there is just not another brand i would own. I have to thank the people behind the scenes for creating such a outstanding line of equipment! THANK YOU !!
Dwain Buckalew
Outdoor Services
Nederland, TX
I own my own business and i would not buy another brand, Exmark has proven to be the best finish mower I have ever owned or operated. Only thing they need to make is a 32'-34' mower comparable to the Toro.
B.J. Godfrey
Riverbend Landscape Service
Cartersville, GA
Absolutely fabulous. I run an all Exmark fleet consisting of a Lazer Z Advantage Series 48, a Metro 36, and a Commercial 21 Advantage Series, all Kawasaki powered. Whatever I throw at these mowers they always deliver a perfect cut. Rough or well manicured, I count on the cut quality, durability, ease of use, and adaptability of my Exmarks. My dealers are fabulous as well, as is the customer service at Exmark corporate. I also work maintaining a large 100+ mower fleet at Russell Landscape Group, which also uses all Exmarks. They have mowers ten years old and over 4000+ hours still going. Simply put, Exmark is the best mower out there, period..As a company owner, it just makes the most sense to run what can take the abuse and conditions that constant use puts these mowers through, with minimum down time..
Willis Williams
Auburn, KS
My name is Willis, and I have been mowing for over twenty five years now. I have owned sever mowers over the years, the last a 52' John Deere EZ Track. I have always had my eye on your Lazer Z 60', and it's great that Jacob the salesman convinced me to try it as a demo towards the end of summer 2010. Well, the John Deere is GONE, and I can't wait for Spring 2011 to ride my new EX Mark. I am so impressed with the cut, the ease of operation and the how safe I feel cutting around my pond. Keep up the good work, and DH Lawn and Garden in Topeka, Kansas!!! Willis
Dwight williams
Dwight lawn service
east st louis, IL
i have been cutting for 6 years now i have bought a phazer 34 inch cut an a lazer z ct 48 inch cut an it is perfect for what i need i wouldnt buy nothing else i would b dumb to the quality of ex mark is great you cant beat an ex mark
michael day
clips lawn and landscape
ormond beach, FL
purchased 2007 lazer z hp 50' the quality of cut is second to none!not to happy with the 27 kohler,but overall would and will purchase another,well built exmark does stand by their product and dealer service is excellent!
Joel Linn
Cross County Community Schools
Stromsburg, NE
After demoing the top five brands in our area, our School District went with a 60' Lazer Z with a 34hp Kawasaki Engine. It's been great and cut our mowing time by 1/3 over our old mower of the same size. We used to use two 60' mowers and now keep up better, with less maintenance needed, with our Lazer Z! Big thanks to our local dealer who helps with any questions I've had.
Kenneth LeBoeuf
LeBoeuf's Lawn Care
Vacherie, LA
I've owned a couple of John Deere tractors(LX266 & GX345)and was kind of leery of buying an Exmark. I talked to the local salesman and he said that I would not regret buying the Exmark. He was right. I purchased a 2008 Demo Lazer Z 50' cut with a 27 hp kohler with 168 hrs on it. I went to the local Toro dealer and he could match the price. For the price I paid for the Exmark he wanted my to buy a Toro with a smaller cut and smaller engine for $800.00 dollars more. I love my Exmark.
James Chinni
AB Lawn & Landscape
Toledo, OH
I been cutting grass sense 1986 when we use to think a Dixie Chopper was the best i have rode many mowers sense Turf Tigers,John Deer,Scag ect BUT let me say the eXmark is BY FAR the best AB has 8 of them and just bought 2 brand new ones one of them i ride and I love it keep up the good work..
Tim Wilkerson
OUTSTANDING EXMARK 21 MOWER.. My dealer LINKS OF MUSTANG OKLAHOMA is The best in the state..I have ben mowing for 30 years.the new XMARK 21 HONDA is the best mower i have mowed with...Way to go EXMARK !!!!!!!
Bruce Sanders
I offer a slightly different testimonial. I have a 60' walk behind that is over 20 years old. I want the latest model for several reasons(ESC, kits, etc.) but I can't justify it as this think just doesn't stop. Yes I have maintenance but nothing major. If only the Koehler engines were as good(rebuilding mine this fall after 500 hrs use).
Robert Pell
Pell's Lawncare Service Inc.
Vicksburg, MS
I have been in the lawn and landscape business for 16 years. I am very happy with my emark mowers. I have owned five of them over the years. My dealer is probably one of the best you will find anywhere. He keeps me in business. When I purchased my last Lazer Z I was told that I couldn't get a hard top for it since exmark no longer makes them. I was very disappointed. Does anyone know where I can find one? Robert
Dan O'Neill
Butte, MT
I purchased my first eXmark product, a Turf Tracer HP, on E-Bay 6 or 7 years ago. The machine was a little beat up, but it worked well for us, much better than our existing machines. I was impressed and purchased another Turf Tracer, and the following year purchased a new Navigator. Since then, I have also purchased a 26' Metro. My testimonial is to the service that I have received from eXmark directly. Lenny has been more than helpful in getting parts that I have needed to keep my machine running. Today I spoke with Joe and he was just as helpful and and Lenny. I have had few problems with the eXmark equipment I have owned, but when I have needed help, the service has been outstanding. Thank you very much.
Stephen Roy
home owner
Monson, MA
I purchased my first EX Mark eight years ago. It was a Lazer HP with the mulching kit installed. After spending over four hours to cut my lawn with a Honda Tractor. It was amazing to be able to complete this chore in about an hour and a half. I recently traded the Lazer HP in for a new Lazer with the bagging system. I have only had an EX Mark so I don't know to much about the others but they would have to be awfully awesome to be able to even close to my EX Mark. Keep up making these great machines because even though I am only a home owner with a fairly large area to mow you make the most mundane chore into a pleasure. Even my daughter who started cutting the lawn with it usually gives me a hard time if I try to use it. She usually can' t wait to cut the grass. So if it makes you're daughter want to cut the grass it must be a great machine.
Robert Plata
Salem, OR
I bought a used Metro 21 self-propelled mower a couple of months ago. I must admit that I've never heard of the eXmark brand before buying this mower. Well, now I'm in love with eXmark! The mower was supposed to need a new throttle cable and/or a new drive cable. It didn't need either. I'm not sure how long the mower sat unused. After some TLC, the Kawasaki engine started on the second pull. The mower is a dream to walk behind.
Greg Markarian
Wethersfield, CT
Just wanted to follow up on the Exmark Metro 21'. I purchased back in November. The machine performs flawless, leaving an extremely flat cut with 0 stringers. I was a little skeptical on Honda power but that quickly changed very smooth relatively quiet & powerful great on gas I could go on & on. Sorry to see it go for a different model. Anyway I plan on purchasing a turf tracer hp 36' or 48' this late fall as I did last fall, I'll give my review of the Turf Tracer or Lazer Z next Memorial weekend, Thank you.
dave quaine
quaine construction
st. clair, MI
I have always been a john deere person, but when my wife and i started looking for zero turns it was a no brainer. I've only cut our four and a half acres 4 times with our 60' lazer. It took 10 hours with a tractor and 2 1/2 hours last night on our new xmark. I love this machine and find its easy to change oil and clean after using. The jack is a little bit of a knuckle buster but with a little respect on my part it will be fine, It is a dandy jack though. thanks much to xmark and zimmer sales.
Casey Pries
Pries, Inc.
Wabash, IN
I just wanted to let you guys know, we just purchase a new 38HP/72' LazerZ and so far I really like this machine. I really like the fact you've lowered the center of gravity, made the unit much more responsive, eliminated/simplified several parts, cut down on the maintenance, and really made the unit more compact. This is probably the most improved unit I've seen from you guys and we've been using your products for probably 15+ years now. Obviously at this point I have no idea how it's durability will compare so time will tell on that but I do expect good things. So keep up the good work!
Paul McIntosh
Mack Mows
Bowling Green, KY
I shared on this site when I first bought my EXmark and now 9 years later I am still in love with my Lazer.
Mike Gootjes
Gootjes Builders
Caledonia, MI
We just put our 48' eXmark Viking mower into retirement after more than 20 years of service. The mower still runs like it's brand new. We upgraded to a larger 52' Turf Tracer with a vac system. We will never use any other mower than an eXmark. They are the best out there.
B.J. Godfrey
Riverbend Landscape Service
Cartersville, GA
Well, I have been using Exmark at my day jobs over the past few years and love them. So when it came time to upgrade my own company's (Riverbend) equipment, I thought it was a no-brainer to realize my dream and run all Exmark. Over the past two months I have purchased a new Metro 36 walkbehind and a Lazer Z Advantage Series 48. I love my mowers. My company is about immaculence. Exmark delivers. The Lazer is awesome. The smaller size of mine makes it nimble and gentler on the turf. And both mowers lay down an amazing cut. I have seen the limits of Exmark durability..They are hard to break. I feel confident in my investments.Exmark customer for life. As business grows, I look to add maybe a Commercial 21 to upgrade my current 21 and maybe a bigger 60' Lazer down the road. Simply the best mowers out there.
Thank you for including JASON FORREST'S quote in your latest full page ad in Lawn & Landscape magazine. We have gotten a lot of response from our peers about it. We have been an Exmark supporter since I bought my first Lazer Z in 1997. I bought my 2nd one the next year and they both have over 4000 original hrs on them with little to no problems – only wear related parts needed replaced. When I bought the first one, everyone thought I was crazy not to buy a Scag or Gravely after all these years they ALL are using Lazers. Like Jason said, it is an amazing machine and he was able to cut through last year's wet Spring, Summer and Fall. It clung to soaked hills that could once only be done when dry. I am an AMSOIL dealer, so between the Legendary products they produce, and the hard work of all your designers and engineers...I sleep very well at night knowing my equipment will work as hard as we do. Thanks again for the ad and more importantly the new Lazer Z.
jerry tevault
gore, VA
I have never owned a zero turn lawn mower until 3 days ago, I must say I will never go back to mowing any other way. I do own a mowing service, I only bought it to stay on my property. I love the mower so much I can't wait for my grass to grow back so I can use it again, on the first night owning this mower I mowed our yard, then the next night I mowed my neighbors yard, and each one of us have approx 3 acres to mow, I can do it in half the time it used to take me on my riding mower, I love this thing can't wait to mow with it again.....
gary hanley
galveston, TX
i have a exmark metro.iam very happy with it.its cut my time down by sept of 2009 galveston was hit by hurricane ike.nobody thought it was going to be as bad as it preperation i brought 4 chep pallets home from work .i layed down 2 ontop of each other,in front of each other in my was enough room for 5 honda comercial mower, my exmark,weedeaters and blowers.i got 26' of wrecked evrything.washer,dryer ,fridge,all lawn equipmeant except my metro.i got a neighbor who has riding exmark and he came over and helped me get mine going.i just got done mowing my neighbors yard and it still runs good,tho the deck is getting will be paid off this year.flood insurance doesnt cover anything under a it was a blessing---gary
Ray Michalik
Brazoria, TX
I bought my Lazer Z 52' 23 HP Kaw. approx 5 yearrs ago. It's the best lawnmower by far I have ever owned, once you recover from the shock of the cost. I would never purchase any other brand regardless of the cost tho. It's a joy to mow with. I have a friend who bought one on what I have stated above and he will agree with me. I don't see how I ever mowed my 4 acres with the other mowers I owned. Never again.
Ron Rudow
Rudow Lawn Care
Winder, GA
I swore i would never buy a zero turn. I thought it would be too heavy and a pain to work on. Let's just say I have officially been proven wrong. The new Lazer Z has made my business more productive and produced more revenue. I Have owned and still own multiple hydro-walk behinds but this Lazer z is the best mower I have purchased to date.
Tom Grosh
Grosh's Lawn Service
Clear Spring, MD
We have been dealing with Shank's Lawn Equipment for over six years now. The team at Shank's Lawn Equipment are second to none. Randy and his staff know the ends and outs of all the eXmark mowers. We have purchased over eight (8) eXmark mowers are impressed how well they hold up. If you are looking to buy a NEW lawn mower I would recommend that you buy eXmark mower. I have one suggestion for Bill Jordon of REALTREE leave the mowing to the Professional's and enjoy the great outdoors! But seriously I AM A PROUD OWNER OF THREE (3) eXmark mowers! If you offered to give me another brand of mower or I had to purchase an eXmark, I would purchase an eXmark. That say's it ALL
Jason Forrest
Forcine landscaping inc.
Schwenksville, PA
What an incredible machine.I was completely blown away by what this mower is capable of.The efficiency,the grip on hills and traction control(which i probably owe my life or at least my well being to),and just how user friendly it is!!!!!!Incredible.Thank you Exmark for a great season(even with all the rain this year).You guy's really know how to put a mower together.
Jay Davis
Precision Cuts Lawn Care
Beech Grove, IN
eXmark mowers are the only ones I will use. They are the best by far. Best cut, best built, best over all mower out there!
Bert Aspinwall
Bert's Lawn and Landscaping Service
Watkinsville, GA
My company has only owned Exmark products. The exceptional cutting quality the Exmark provides our clients is second to none.
gene strauss
union, KY
best mower and service i ever had, forget about the others get an exmark and never have too buy another mower for the rest of your LIFE!!!!!
Terrance Leak
Concord, CA
this is the best riding mower (Lazer Z) I've used, great product....
Colby Memitt
Memitts Lawn Care
Riner, VA
I have had my 52 inch Turf Tracer hydro for about 2 years now and i am highly impressed. Its been a great mower and im getting ready to purches a 60in lazer z. i cant wait thanks for making such a great machine.
John Dorsett
Fort Wayne, IN
Exmark makes mowing a pleasure Exmark is the best all around mowing machine I rate it a 10 plus for quality and performance Try it for yourself, and you will agree
Sam Jamison
A&S All Service Lawn Care
Columbia, TN
I have been around this buisness for around 12years i've seen alot of mowers and used alot of them to the fullest.If you cut from dylight to dark like we do around here your exmark can go without bein turned off so to speak 100% duty cycle. I HAve A 52'' turf tracer walk behind never bought a new one but i will. I run synthetic oils And premium fuel because these mowers are the best and deserve the best.i have ran all models of exmark except the stand on and i cant wait to try it a round. Thanks exmark for bein the best you could lower the price but when you can run one for 3500 hours and only do general preventive maintance you really cant and thats understandable. Keep putting out bad azz mowers and we will work as hard as we can to keep buying then.Also i love the new velke just need to figure out how to eliminate that one ugly stripe. Sam Jamison 21
Rick Bunting
Pine Bluff, AR
I just purchased a demo Lazer z with a 56' cut and 27Hp Kohler engine. I was not in the market for a mower when I found this, but I could not refuse the deal I got. When I got it home, I could not believe the power this thing has. It was almost too scary to power up full throttle. I can mow my yard with just a fraction of engine rpm's and time it took before, compared to my riding mower. I cut the grass in the road ditch next to my land just so I could stay on it. I also enjoy it so much that I cut my yard every day, like it really needs it. I just hate that I won't be able to use it in a couple of months. I will highly recommend this mower to anyone, whether it be commercial or residential
Bruce Lieberman
Montgomery, AL
After my local shop told me that my 6 year old Snapper's engine was locked up, I spotted the Exmark Metro 21 on the showroom floor. I've owned it for two months now and let me tell you, there is no comparison between the quality of this mower and my previous one. Thanks for a great product!
Britt Cherry
Olive Branch, MS
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Just got the Lazer Z!! I have had a John Deere for 20 years. This mower is unreal. Never had anything that cut this sweet. A heck of a machine. No comparison!!!
Mark Sechrist
Red Lion, PA
I purchased a 60' Lazer Z with 27 hp Kohler in August of 2008. One year later, I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. I wish I would have bought one years ago. My home has 1 1/2 acres and I purchased my father's farm which has 3 acres of yard. I can mow both places in 1 1/2 hours. I also mow 10 acres of old pasture that I used to mow with a tractor and 5' Bush hog rotary mower. I can mow it much faster with the Exmark. It is the best purchase I have ever made. Don't hesitate, buy one, you won't regret it.
Jay Johnson
Diamond J Ranch
Lumberton, TX
I'm not a commercial landscaper, but I have a 7 acre horse ranch, and I wanted a mower that would take care of tall pasture grass, but still give me a beautiful cut around the ranch house. I bought the next generation Lazer Z 60, and all I can say is Wow! Beautiful pasture, beautiful yard, and in half the time it takes to lug around a brush hog. The improvements on the new Z are all great (bolster seat,single tank,fewer hoses)and I'm sure will be more appreciated in the years to come. Thanks for designing and building a great machine!
Kenny Beatty
DN Equipment
Mt. Orab, OH
I just purchased a Ezmark Z A 2008 left over. i wish i could have talked my wife into this purchase years ago. Now i get done faster and able to spend more time with her. Plus more time for my self. Right now i would like too buy striper kit for it so can mark the yard like a pro.
Rodney Lewing
Lewing's Lawn Service LLC.
Shreveport, LA
What I like about the new Lazer everything. I like the hand controls it feels easy to used, you can pull up to the gas pumps and get gas on one side, I like how the seat is on rubber mounts that will make it more of a smoother ride and I like how it has less parts. Less parts less down time.
Joe DiFranco
Mississauga, ON
I own a 2008 Exmark Metro 21' with the 6 hp Kawasaki KAI engine and BBC. I've been in the business 10 years and I've used many 21' over that time including Lawnboy, Honda, Toro, and John Deere. Hands down, the Metro is the best one I've had. Great cut, great engine, simple maintenance and good mulcher. Very productive machine as well. Dealer service has been great too. I wish I had more lots to service because it would give me an excuse to buy a Phazer or Turf Tracer HP. Great Job Exmark!
Paul Bernat
Paul 's Lawn Care
Sabattus, ME
The test drive was alot of fun. As a current LazerHP onwer I was able to appreciate alot of the improvements you made. I like the R.O.P.S folding inside the length of the machine because most of my lawns low trees and tight areas. I would find it easier at the gas station with the gas fill on one side. The seat was very comfortable, I was surprised how much different it felt from my machine on the rougher properties. The quality of cut and apperance is as good if not a little better than my current machine. The hydro system very smooth and made the machine a joy to drive. There was no problem with horsepower.This machine really went through the grass. It was pretty cool digital screen on the machine. I thank you guys for the chance to try latest technology in the mowing industry.
Robert Geders
New Horizons Lawn Care
Ballwin, MO
This is without doubt the finest zero turn built,the ride is excellent,the cutting performance is second to none and the Lazer-Z is very easy to maintain. The HP model is also very well built and is by far the best value for your money and it's very dependable! Keep up the great work!
David Nelson
Ozarks Lawn Service & Landscaping
Springfield, MO
I got to demo a new LazerZ Next Series for 2 weeks, and Loved it so much I had to buy 2 of them. The 48 is small enough it fits in a tight space but big enough to take a lot of time out of my day. The 60 does a killer job on the big projects. Exmark has come up with an incredible machine.
david burchard
burchards lawn care
warsaw, IN
very durable and long lasting mower. like the lazer hp because of its compact design and lots of power. easy to haul, great manuverability, very heavy buit machine. i give it an A
Toni Campbell
New Milford, CT
Rides very smooth, cut well even when moving quickly, not as many tire gouges on turns.
Wm Miller
Top Notch Lawn Care
Hartly, DE
This by far is one of the best mowers on the market period.If you operate a lawn care business do yourself a favor and try this mower out.
James Knisely
Knisely Land Sculpting, Inc.
Mechanicsburg, PA
Phenomenal Experience After Testing a 60' Demo. I Only Used it .3 Tenghth of an Hour Before I Made the Call to Buy One. It's Similar to Driving a Mercedes In Mowers. Longer Wheel Base & Dramatic Reduced Vibration from Engine. It Was Great!!!
gabe laforest
gabelaforest landscaping
lancaster, PA
good mower, planning to buy one as soon as we agree on price, not enough money for my exmark 2001 trade in. I do not like the fuse box next to the seat with no seal cover.
John Allen
John Allen Lawn Care
York, PA
Nice ride, and you can tell the difference in the mower, for it is more solid and ridged, with a little more speed. Real great machine
kyle binek
Deluxe Yard Care
sauk rapids, MN
I have had 6 exmark lazers now and I just bought the next lazer, and I could not be any happier it handles very well on slopes and is all around a much better machine to operate. rider comfort is also great. The ground speed amazing which will help when doing spring an fall clean ups when having to dump so often. I give exmark a A+
Peter Kendt
Clyde, NY
Love your machines.....its a great mower!
Mark Francis
Yard Marvels Landscape and Lawn
Stewartsville, MO
Had a nice ride, gave a clean cut dominate stripe. Had abundance of horsepower. Well set up with gauges and new features. durabale new roll bar is a better feature it folds down instead of straight out. Electronic gauges were really nice the fuel gauge and battery meter. Great on fuel. Would have been nice to be able to demo it longer more than one day. Ultra series deck was feature to the mower.
Brendan Tuckerq
slager lawn care
oshkosh, WI
we love all our machines we have 72inchs and 60inchs there the best out there. easy to get parts easy to work on easy everything we love em.
Anita Helland
Emmons, MN
I enjoyed trying out the Next Lazer Z. The ride was smooth and in a comfortable seat. I am short and I do wish the seat would go forward a little bit more tho. It did a great job of cutting. It's great for going around trees getting very close. The tires do not spin like on my mower. It clings to side hills without sliding down. The new digital diagnostic screen is awesome.
Austin Morris
Cowboy's Lawn Care
Denham Springs, LA
This is the best machine that I have ever owned or cut with. Everything is great about it. I have the Lazer Z Advantage series 48'. Keep the quaility up and I will sent everyone to buy the new Lazer Z!
john pintar
racine, WI
Great ride and cut. I love the Ex-mark brand. It's reliability and duribility. The only negitive I find is that when cutting close to spruce trees in my yard. The branch's tend to hit my key and turn it off. I would like to see a better design or location on the tractor.
Josh Abla
Abla Lawns Inc
Plano, TX
Was pretty impressed with all the new models its been a while since I looked at them. You guys have done good! Just wish you could get them cheaper.
Ryan Stuber
Troy, MI
Even though I wanted a exmark. I got my first walk behind in 2007 I got a 1990 32 inch ferris for 500 dollars used. After a while it was just begining to become junky so In march 2009 I realized I needed a newer walk behind so I found a 2003 Metro Hp for 1200 dollars used and got it. All I can say is that it is the best mower I have ever used. You guys realy know how make a great mower
Phil Trammel
Gallatin, TN
I really like it, has some good improvements. I haven't saved enough to buy a new one yet, but I do plan on my next mower to be another Lazer Z
Robert Duffy
Rob's lawn maint.
Bedford, PA
I already put 50 hours on it and I love it. You guys really did your homework on the next. The only problem I have with it is it makes my07 feel like a peice of crap. I trade every 3 yrs. so next year I wont have this problem. Keep up the good work it makes my job a lot easier. Thank you! Rob Duffy.
Montgomery Elliott
Mulliken, MI
Brandon Dumblewski
sftd service center
amsterdam, NY
all i can say is wow! great handling, great cut, great mower period! i have the lazer z with the 34hp kawi and it is all the power you need! side hills great and has a great seat. nothing about this mower is bad! from the parking brake to the hydros it is all what the doctor ordered
After owning 2 60' lazer Z mowers with over 4,000 hours and 10+ years each of dependable service and virtually no down time...the time came to purchase a new Lazer Z. I cannot think of one thing that I would have done different or anything else they forgot. With all of the improvements it is an incredible machine from the ride to the cut to the ease of maintenance. If you own the previous model or any other model year and are contemplating buying the new mower, it is well worth it. I do feel sorry for anyone else who might own any other color mower, but know that they will probably be buying red the next time they need to get a new mower. OUTSTANDING JOB IN MAKING THE MOWER WE ALL HAVE DESIGNED IN OUR HEADS - ONE IMPROVEMENT OR ANOTHER, BUT DIDN'T REALIZE IT AT THE TIME. Keep up the good work!
Karen Powell
Powell's Pro-Lawn Inc.
Utica, PA
Great machine! Many improvements over our Lazer-Z EFI from last year. We think that the next improvement should be a larger size of tire with a tad more aggressivemess. this would aid in traction on wet/damp turf.
Paul Oldham
Oldham Turner
Pickerington, OH
New seat system is very comfortable. Cutting deck is awsome. A great next generation mower. Thanks
J. Varnadoe
J&J Lawn and Landscape
Douglas, GA
Really liked the single fill fuel point as well as the ride and cut quality. Like the triton decks but really liked the ultracut6 as well as the digital diagnostic screen.
Jerry Lundy
Mt. Vernon, AL
I have a eXmark 52' commercial mower with approximately 300 hours that was purchased several years ago. Am considering purchasing another eXmark as we maintain nearly 7 acres. I recently purchased an eXmark commercial 60' mower from L&L Saw & Cycle in Chickasaw, AL. for the the Town of Mt. Vernon. As Mayor of Mt. Vernon and a long time customer of L&L Saw, and a retired Supervisor of a local railroad, I have made many purchases from L&L over the years, and saw no need to go elsewhere for our grass cutting needs for the Town of Mt. Vernon. In my opinion, the Lazer eXmark is the best machine available .
Darryl Scifres
Louann, AR
Used a 52' cut 27hp Lazer Z as a loner while my 72' cut 35hp Briggs Exmart was being repaired. I thought what the heck is this thing good for? I am totally impressed!! Pssst my wife likes it. You don't think, surly not :)
b.j. godfrey
company i work for during the week just assigned me a new next lazer z advantage series 23 kohler/52' ultracut..i was apprehensive about its size until i used it.. its so maneuverable that it will outcut bigger mowers,go places they can't and handles slopes like a dream. oh yeah-the cut- i mowed one of my properties with tons of thick fescue with it for the first time and the property owner said the grass never looked so stripes great. must buy one for myself..killer lazer yet.
Chris King
King's Grass Unlimmited
St. Louis, MO
Excellent- that is all I can say
Bob Geis
Greenville, AL
I liked the lower center of gravity. When mowing estates with ditches in rural areas here in the South, that is important for me. The seating system is a big plus also, helps save the back when mowing at high speeds and hitting holes where stumps have rotted out. Considering trading my current Exmark for the Next Lazer Z. Job well done again Exmark.
Bob Overvey
Summerset, KY
It's's a tremendous improvement over the old one. A lot of thought has gone into it. I purchased an OCD, occasionally when it gets wet it suggestion would be to use a shaft. Also, the deck the way its mounted is an improvement and i've got a hilly side and it looks like the lower center of gravity improves the stability. To me this is the Rolls Royce of zero turns.
Stuart Owensby
Decatur, AL
excellent quality typical for exmark!! new ideas and new engineering. i fell in love with the seat!! smoother movement with the sticks. i liked the new roll bar. i liked the old gas tanks better but not that big of a deal. thanks,stuart
Drew Wiesman
cincinnati, OH
Hey, my name is Drew and i'm 14 years old. Well, for the past 3 years I've been pushing a little 21in. toro push mower, and a stihl blower and weedeater up and down my street, taking a few hours to mow these little 1 and 1/2 acre yards. And just recently I looked into getting a decent 48in. exmark hydro to incress productivity, and theres not much more to say then, BUY AN ExMARK!!!! I now blaze through these yards and give them a darn good look each and every time. Just by buying this mower, and cutting a few yards, I've picked up 3 more yards in a few weeks.(this might not be a big deal to the pro's, but to me, its amazing!) I can tell you that when I get a truck in a few years, I'll definitly buy a tandem axle and a lazer Z. I cant wait. Thanks for making an amazing selection of mowers Exmark crew!!!
Jimmy Logan
L&S Ranch
Raymond, MS
I loved the way it handled. It appeared more responsive and definetely has a lower center of gravity which should help on slopes.
steve collins
10-8 in service
wentzville, MO
The Next Lazer Z is very responsive however the mowers I work with now, which are Lazers are very dependable which is a big plus.i will be purchasing new ones soon and I will rely on the response I get from other friends in the business, after all this is the show me state.
Kris Kehres
Kirtland, OH
i don't own my own Exmark mower but I've used them on occasion. they handle so smoothly and are so easy to control. if i had the money i would buy one for myself. in my opinion they are the best quality mowers on the market.
Rickey Tipton
Tip's Mowing
Maryville, TN
I have 3 other ExMark mowers and this is by far the most comfortable mower I have experienced. The lower elevation of the mower gives you a feeling of more central gravity. Very impressed with the overall comfort and feel of this model.
Brian Porter
Porter Lawn care
Arlington, TN
Exmark did a great job on this one. Hope to have one by years end.
Paul Goldasich Jr.
Mt. Olive, IL
I purchased my first Ex-Mark Lazer HP 10 years ago. I changed from a garden tractor to the zero turn and was not sure about it at first. I told my wife that I was not sure if I would get the hang of operating it. She looked at me and said 'you fly helicopters, how hard can this be'. Since then, I would not part with it, as it has cut my mowing time in half. When I returned it to the dealer for the annual service, I traded it in for a new 2009 Lazer Z Advantage Series, 23Hp 52'cut. I have not yet used it, but have driven it around and I am sure I will be just as satisfied with it as I was with the HP. This is a great product and I recommend it to everyone.
Joseph Wunder
Tojo's Lawn Care
Slidell, LA
I love the new center of balance and the single gas tank. I want one so bad!
Chris Hoel
Extreme Lawncare
Centralia, WA
Hi, my name is Chris. I'm 24 years old. I Started a lawn business in highschool with just a push mower a weed eater and my two feet. Over the years I have expanded my business by puchasing more and more tools. A couple years ago my rider broke and I was looking for a replacement. I stumbled across your products and was able to demo one. From now on you have my business. I purchased a turf ranger shortly after the demo and over 3 years later it runs and works like new. Recently I went to buy sum parts(filter,oil) for the mower and saw your new mower. Wow!!! I have always liked your products but now, that was awesome! Very confortable all around. Love the deck height adjuster. The machine design looks great. I give it 10 out of 10. I would definitely purchase one of these if I had the extra money. Thanks, look forward to what you have to offer in the future. Chris
Jerry Buck
Chetek, WI
Like the new design of the ROPS. Low center of gravity. Impressed with the ISO mount system...was a little skeptical. Controls felt smooth. Good resistance on the control/drive levers. Like the fuel gauge and diagnostic center (was not able to check accuracy of fuel gauge). Looks like a lot of research went into the machine. Would like to see an improved park brake.
Kevin Buck
Chetek, WI
Machine lived up to the hype. Everything seemed to be well thought out and backed up by testing. Nice features on the machine. Would like to see an improvement with the parking break lever (seems a little cheap). Depending on price and durability I would like to see an EFI motor option. Also would like an OCDC that I can get to open fully to 180 degrees (altered by the consumer). Overall a great machine I'm really considering purchasing one. Would also like the option to use my Ultra Vac QDS I purchased last year.
Chad Reinhart
Reinhart Grounds Maintenance, Inc
Bloomington, IL
Even in a downturn economy, we are excited about this year. After much research and a demo from our local dealer, we just bought several of the New Lazer Z mowers. We have looked at all aspects of our maintenance business for ways to improve/eliminate waste. For us the New Laser Z fits our bill. Fewer parts, less maintenance, reduced weight, and improved cut, all backed up by a great dealer. Can’t wait to get these new mowers out into our fleet! Great improvements!
Douglas Dalton
Dalton's Lndscping & Lawm Care,inc
madison, NC
it is a real great mower. Its mowes fast.great smooth riding. this is a dream mower to have
Richard Carter
Carter's Lawn Service
Hagerstown, MD
I test drove the Next Lazer Z at Shanks Equipment near Chambersburg PA, I was impressed wiyh the comfort, the bagging system and the overall operation of the machine. I will be considering a Lazer Z for my next machine. I will give one feed back for you to look at for improvement. I also tested the Cub Cadet Tank S it has power steering plus Z turn technology, the impressive thing about that machine was I could not churn the grass under the wheel when turning tight. I repeatadly tried to no avail. While not impressed with the rest of this machine I would like to see this technology in other machines.
Danny Bailey
Pelahatchie, MS
Looks like one of your best yet...
Maurice Coley
MAC1 Lawncare
Clarkston, GA
love it, the new machine is great! Would love to have one.
Randy Heinzel
Randy's Lawn Service
Pardeeville, WI
The NEXT LAZER Z is a must have. My lawn accounts have increased,so I need an improved eXmark. This is the only brand I trust.The Next Lazer Z is brilliant with so many more accessories like the Micro-Mulch System, 12-Volt Power Adapter, and eXmark Turf Striper. My old eXmark bothers my back when days get long, and this one has improved operator comfort- just what I need. I’m sure the hydro drive system will put my 2008 to shame. I have a feeling my new toy will almost make these jobs fun- if not, at least it’ll keep me out of my wife’s hair. GOTTA MOW!
John Legwinski
Lego's Lawn Care
Oak Creek, WI
I rode the Lazer at an open house put on by my distributor. I like the way the machine handles and especially like the new deck. I buy a new tractor every year and just hated the Triton deck. I am glad you started to go back to the Ultra cut deck. Hopefully the combination of the Ultra cut and the Triton baffles will make a better deck. I like the one fuel tank and mostly the new seat. I will be picking up my new Lazer in April and hope all will be well.
Steve Van Brocklin
The Lawn Patrol
Ormond bch., FL
Very smooth and comfortable ride! Transport/ mowing speed is quite impressive. All equates to an increase in productivity.
Todd Walters
Valley Landscaping,Inc..
Christiansburg, VA
It's the best mower on the market! You have made all the right changes.
keith lewis
Ozark, AL
it was better than the one i currently own
keith lewis
Ozark, AL
it was a smoother ride than the one i currently own and i liked the larger handles and larger fornt wheels
Heath Mathes
Heath's Lawn Service
Mooringsport, LA
I have a 2008 Phazer 34' and I love it, today I drove a new Lazer 48' at Comercial Power Equipment and I was amazed at how FAST it is and how well it handles. Thanks
Max Colvin
maxscapes landscaping
cochran, GA
Glad you got rid of theTRITON deck. The mower will sell. As for those of us stuck with one can I get a free upgrade? Didn't think so. Have a good year.
gene oliva
genes lawn service
orlando, FL
I have had 4 diffrent models This on is the best Purchased one today as soon as it got off the truck.Demoed one last year
keith lewis
Ozark, AL
Pretty smooth. I liked the lower center of gravity when traveling along with a comfortable seat. The battery is easy to get to when i would need to hook my sprayer to it i need no longer lift the seat. The larger front wheels are nice also.
Michael Chaloupka
Images West Photo
Liberty, MO
I saw the new lazer z at the Farm Show in KC last weekend. I looks like a great new machine. My 2006 lazer z which I use for my lawn care business has been performing great, and I hope to trade at the end of next year. I am anxious to see how the new lazer performs this year, I'll watch the reviews on lawnsite and the dealer.
irv mandelberg
loveland, CO
That was the smoothest riding fastest moving most comfortable mower I have ever rode. Just got to come up with the money and I am on it! Thanks!
karl brassette
cottonport, LA
I currently own an EXmark PHAZER. Cutting my yard(approx 1.5 acres) now plays no part in taking up time on weekends. I thoroughly enjoy cutting my now. If or when this machine wears out, I will purchase another Exmark.......Thanks, Karl
Nick Kelly
Lebanon, TN
Very Nice!!! Drove smoothly. Definitely like the the improvements.
Matthew Schoonover
Matt's Mowing & More
Clinton, WA
Overall the new Exmark Lazer is a great mower. I loved pretty much everything about the mower. I especially loved the comfort of the seat. If you spend a long time on the mower like me you'll love the new comfortable seat. Another thing the dealership pointed out to me was that there was only 6 grease points on the whole mower! Talk about quick and easy maintenance. Once again Exmark came out with another great piece of equipment. With out a doubt, the new Lazer Z is going to be on my next Christmas list.
scott eason
Carrollton, GA
The new design is much improved over my current 60' Exmark. The ease of height adjustment is very nice along with the seat being a very nice addition. The cutting improvements are very interesting as well since my current 60' does not allow for maximum speed and perfect cut every time if the grass is taller. Some of the grass sometimes pops back up after you have cut over the yard, and even though the grass is not growing right now in Georgia for the demo to confirm the improved cut, I believe what I was told by the sales team. Thanks again for the improvements! Looking forward to hearing about some nice trade-in allowances. Scott Eason
Jason Ernzen
J&L Lawncare
Leavenworth, KS
I really like the comfort of the new lazer. It also looks like the maintenance will be very simple. I think you have built a great machine.
wayne bradley
staunton, VA
i was worry about my exmark products when dayton equipment went out of business but i spoke with don davis service manager at beverage tractor in stuarts draft, va and what a great guy to deal with very caring,,,i did not know beverage was a exmark dealer but they now have a new customer and i will keep buying exmark products
Toby McCon
Livingston, LA
I purchased an exmark lazer hp 46' 19 hp kawi last summer its truly been great it cut my mowing time in half i am currently cutting 3 acres its a great product second to nothing.
Gene Olivia
Gene’s Lawn Service
The [Next Lazer Z’s] quality of cut is what we were looking for. The comfort is amazing. The stability of going up hills is just great.
Pete Berger
JKL Landscape Supply, Inc.
You’re going to have a lot less scalping with [the Next Lazer Z] because of the foot control to raise and lower the deck a lot easier.
Larry O’Dell
Proscape, Inc.
Exmark has always been on the cutting edge of safety, and that’s a huge advantage for us. Exmark is always listening to the customer, and they’re making changes to better the unit.
Richard Vehovc
Riverton, IL
I recently purchased my first ZTR Mower.I have been looking at differant brands for 2 months and my neighbor let me test drive his Lazer HP on my yard and that was all it took.I bought the Lazer Z HP 46' w/19 Kawasaki.I was using a 48' Craftsman Garden Tractor.I actually like mowing again.When I see other ztr mowers,the quality doesnt even come close to Exmark.This mower reduced my mowing time (unfortunately)but the cut is perfect at any speed!Great product & keep up the quality/craftsmenship.
Craig Owens
Craigs Lawn Service
Austin, TX
I just purchased the Metro 26 yesterday and used it on one of my accounts that use to take me 2 hrs. 15 mins. to do with a 21 inch mower and I finished in 1 hr. 40 mins. I hate that I did note get this mower years ago. Exmark has a customer for life in me. Great mower with lots of power.
b.j. godfrey
foreman for trugreen landcare
acworth, GA
we have a lot of exmarks in our company, 36,48,52,60 turf tracer walk behinds and lazer z's of all ages.. for day in-day out 8-hour-a-day use, the exmark is by far the mower to have. carry a 36 and 48 walk behind on truck ( unfortunately i use one of our other brand of ztr's) and you cannot beat the cut quality and speed of the exmark. like a timex watch, they take a licking and keep on ticking. as far as the zero turns go, the lazer z is king..faster..more maneuverable, and oh that cut quality!
John Martoccia
Scottsdale Fine Landscaping
scottsdale, AZ
I never thought I would see the day we would trade our fleet of Walker riding mowers for Exmark Lazer and Navigator riding mowers. After many years of the Exmark dealer wanting us to Demo their machines I finaly gave in and fell in LOVE and had to have them. We have since bought 17 of them and our buisness is growing as fast as we are buying. Thanks Exmark for taking Scottsdale fine Landscaping to the next level. JMartoccia
THE QUEST IS GREAT. After looking at the big box stores all I saw was the same type of mowers I was trying to get away from. My neighbor has an Exmark so I went to Malabar Mowers and Bobby spent several hours with me patiently explaining the construction and operating procedures for the QUEST. This is my first zero turn mower and I'm still getting use to it, but I love it. The lawn looks so much better than when I used the lawn tractor, no piles of grass even though I don't have a mulch kit. The cut is clean and the looks like a carpet. With a little more experience I will be able to reduce my cutting time. We have a little less than an acre and the QUEST is perfect. It actually makes you look forward to cutting the grass. I wish I had this mower 60 years ago when I cut big lawns for 50 cents with a push mower.
Oscar Rodriguez
O & R Lawn Care Service
Fresno, CA
just purchased the exmark phazer, what a machine. we were looking into buying a walk behind but we were introduced to the phazer and are we ever glad we were. best machine in my trailer. and the dealership support is awesome. its support and customer service like that that keeps me coming back.keep up the good work exmark
A. Nonymous
Carmel, IN
I bought a Lazer Z with a 52 inch deck years ago. I consider it my freedom machine. I can cut my 1.2 acre yard in under 30 minutes, with superior results. Gone are the days of drudgery wheeling a toy tractor back and forth for hours in the broiling hot sun.
Chris Simons
Nashville, IL
Recently bought the Exmark 28hp Kaw. with a 60' deck. I am very please with this machine. What normally was a 2 1/2 plus mow job is now done in 40 minutes. Very well built machine. Thanks again for a great product!
Kevin Thornhill
HT Lawn & Turf
Bealeton, VA
I have owned eXmark products since 1990. I still use the same Turf Tracer and Turf Ranger, both 60' I bought back in 1990. 18 plus years and still going strong. I wouldnt own any other kind but eXmark!
Chris Horton
Horton's Lawn Care L.L.C.
Burton, MI
I love both of my Exmarks! Third season and they still run like the day I bought them. Don't mess with the rest, go with the best, you can't beat the Exmarks!
Josh Bishop
Landscape Innovations
Kingsland, GA
I purchased an Exmark Turf Tracer HP about 8 years ago when I was working in N.C. I have never had any problems with my walk-behind and have been able to rely on it solely. Now as business increases and we take on larger properties I have been looking at the Lazer Z 60'. I have also been looking at a competetors riding mower but I can't help but think about how my Turf Tracer has never had any problems. No question-I'll be getting the Lazer Z in the next week or so. P.S. we demo'd the Triton deck Lazer Z yesterday and today-looking forward to increasing our production!
adam draudt
draudt landscaping
hamburg, NY
AWESOME!! i bought a lazer z 52' in 2005 and this thing is just a machine, it just keeps going, i mow abouy 20 lawn a week ranging from 5 acres to residential yard and everything i throw at it it does with ease weather its raining out or sunny the lawns look great!with the stripper kit i go 4 differnt way one each wek and the lawns look great, and the foot accuated guard is a life saver for it make claen up a breeze!! thanks for the great product, plan on buying another one next year!!!
Alex Grougan
Alexs lawn and landscapeing
novi, MI
Before this year i had never used an exmark mower. When we decided that we needed another walk behind this year i thought i would have a look at the exmark. i ended up buying a used viking mower and i'm going to have to say i am very pleased with my find. the mower cuts and stripes much better then any outher walkbehind i have used, also the mower does a great job pulling a sulky. i am very pleased with me exmark and plan on buying more exmark products in the future.
Wayne Honkey
Caretakers Lawn and Landscaping
St. Louis, MO
I had a Howard-Price 48 in. walk behind (now my back-up). I went and purchased a 48 in Exmark Turf Tracer HP with the ECS handles. It is the best thing I have ever ran. You don't have to be too concious of where your hand are on the grips because the pinch points are all but eliminated. Also, the controls are all with in thumb reach on the panel. I wouldn't even considering trading or selling it for anything.
Kelly Greer
Kelly Greer Lawn Services
Counce, TN
I had a wild hair about starting a lawn service this year after having a local company give me a price on my own lawn.I did not know anything about lawn mowers except that when you tear one up you go to the local Wally World and pick up a new one. I called my bother inlaw he was in the lawn business in the early 1990s and he said you have to get a exmark, he said he had used all brands and the Exmark was the best he said that his Exmarks had less downtime than than any of the other brands that he used and if I planed on making any money that I could not afford to running back to the shop everyday.I bought the Lazer 46 HP in Feb 08 and now also own a 36 Metro I cut 10 to 12 hours a day and love these mowers never had any trouble and they seem bullet proof. Keep up the good work eXmark.
heath stevens
Rock maple property services
jacksonville, VT
a year ago i bought a 48' turf tracer i could never leave this mower i could mow in the pooring rain and never worry about a clump anywhere...recently i bought a 72' lazer z because of some new contracts and i was a little worried about teh size of the machine but so far the power has overcome the size making it a great machine to run..thanks to a Rusty and everyone at Cherry Creek Sales!
Rick Burleson
Unionville, VA
I just purchased a Lazer HP with the 46 Triton and the 17hp Kawi (plenty of power). I can't say enough about this machine. It's awesome! It's built like a tank and the quality of cut is second to none. The 1st time I mowed with it was right after it rained all morning. The grass was tall/wet and it still did a remarkable job. I figured it wouldn't had done that nice of a job, but I had just brought it home and couldn't wait to try it out. Boy was I wrong. The deck was very clean afterward too. No clumpy mess to clean off and no clumps in the yard! Hurry up grass and grow so I can mow you again! On a side note, I had a few questions that my dealer couldn't answer so I called Customer Support at eXmark. I talked to Fred and he was very knowledgeable and answered all my complicated questions. Great guy to talk to. Thanks Fred and thanks eXmark for make such great equipment!
Juan Gonzalez
Lawn Service
just got a metro 26, this machine is great, plenty of power, good dealer support. great company and product
Peter Saengswang
Delaware, OH
I've purchased Exmark Lazer Z HP with 56' deck a year ago. It's a fantastic piece of equipment I've ever had. It cut my mowing time in half. I used John Deere before (still keep it for a backup), at that time I thought that it's a good machine until I got the Exmark. It's performance is second to none, it's easy to manipulate, it's tough for the jobs and the most part is FUN to use. My wife always says I looked like sitting on my armchair in the living room and do nothing, just cruise around.
Brian Bogdan
Goodlettsville, TN
I just purchased my first Exmark zero turn and I should have done this a long time ago. It cut my mowing time by over 50%, but in this case that is a bad thing because I love mowing with it. The cut quality is great and the stripes are incredible!! Overall, it is built like a tank. Thanks for building such a fantastic mower!!
Shaun Stokes
Country Lawnscapes
Stone Ridge, NY
I have to tell you. I have 5 of the Zero Turns ranging from 52' to 72'. I believe it is the best mower on the market. I put a lot of hours on these mowers and they have been very dependable. They are well worth the money they bring and my dealer I have them with gives us the best service we could have. Thanks Ashokan Turf and Timber. The business wouldn't be where it is with out you.
Greg Gaulin
Fayetteville, NY
I love my exmark lazer Z ct it is perfect in every way and i will never go to any other mower Thanks.
Matt Tenney
10-E Lawn Care, LLC
Stratford, CT
I purchased my Lazer Z - Triton - 28 Kawi. last year. It has been the best asset to my equipment list. It mows through anything and produces an amazing cut (check out for the proof!) I really like the Triton deck also, I have had zero problems with my machine and definetley will be an eXmark customer for many years to come! Thanks eXmark!
mike espinola
mikes landscaping
fall river, MA
i got the metro 48' mower and let me tell you what a excellent machine thank you exmark!
Michael Deering
Old Hickory, TN
I just purchased a Quest 22/48 3/30/08.Id like to say that this mower is outstanding. I have cut my yard and my neighbors yard in half the time it took with my old mower. The cut is perfect and the power is there when you need it. The grass was almost a foot tall next door and it plowed threw it with ease. My engine did not even bogg at all not even a flicker of power was lost. Hope you find this helpful.
Bo Middleton
Lexington, KY
We are a small company with a Large company atitude and we demand 110% out of all our equipment and with Exmark on our fleet we are able to make that happen. With less down time and more production it is helping us be the Large company and not just have a atitude Thats why I use EXMARK
Thomas maxwell F @ M LawnCare
louisville, KY
I have 3 Exmarks two lazers and a metro. My dealer is great. I would not own any other. Exmark the perfect every time.
Ethan Marotta
Ethan's Lawn Service
Erwin, TN
Hi, my name is Ethan and I started out mowing with a push mower and now have 2 48' turf tracers and 1 48' lazer z hp and 2 60 lazer z's I have tried other mowers like scag and such and Exmark is a much better mower.
Michael Sterwerf
Sterwerf Lawn Care
Cincinnati, OH
I have four Exmark mowers. Two 48' Turf Tracer Hp, a 36' Turf Tracer Hp and a 60' Lazer Rider. All of my equipment has striper bars on them. Exmark by far produces the best mowers in the market. I dont have a problem with Toro but they should integrate the striper bar to their mowers. Emark mower cut great and stripe better. Keep up the good work.! I take care of approximately 100 accounts residential and commercial and everyone loves the stripes!
David Goldingd
Lawnscapes, LLC
Dover, NH
I recently switched to Exmark for my company and I am very pleased. These machines are dependable, tough and get the job done. I spend a lot more time working than at the shop having repairs done. Thanks.
Bob Grimm
Grimmy's Lawn Care
Stroudsburg, PA
Continuance from 11/2006 testimonial. Still own Z turn and walk behind. Excellent machines. 2008 will purchase a 56' Z turn to add to my fleet. Machines are quality made.
robert dubois
TradeMark Lawn & Landscape
Leander, TX
I bought one today!!! last the power I crave!
Harold Teachenor
Goodrich,, MI
I am very pleased with my EX-Mark Mower (my 2nd) and I believe in good maintenance. However,changing the motor oil is a pain. Suggest getting rid of the pastic hose provided and put a 90 degree elbow through the frame with a pipe plug for draining.
Paul DeWolf
Boise, ID
Love the Exmark Metro 26, but it needs a wheel kit, that would make it PERFECT!!!
Sam Virkler
Mackinaw Valley Lawn Care
Congerville, IL
I have recently purchased a lazerz. It has a 60 inch deck with 28 horsepower. I am very satisfied with it and the staff at the dealership was so willing to help. I will never buy anything except an Exmark.
Sam Virkler
Mackinaw Valley Lawn Care
Congerville, IL
I recently purchased a 2005 lazerz 60 inch. before i had a cub cadet and i was not satisfied. the second i sat down on the exmark i knew it was the one. i would never buy anything different. the dealer i bought it from was great. they were all willing to help.
brandon brooks
I love my metro 26 inch exmark walk behind. I will always use xmark from this day one.
Andy Mendenhall
Andy's Lawn Care and Landscaping
Palmetto, GA
I started a lawn service in 2006. I was 17. Within a year the machine had showed me my new career. WOW! I now own 2 exmark mowers and would NEVER try a different mower. I am nothing but satisfied with these machines. If I want to start my machine, it starts...on the first try every time. My exmark mowers have made me, now 19 years old, over $85,000 this year. Exmark makes a great machine. You have a life-long customer Exmark.
Mark Peterson
rent a guy
Willmar, MN
I have been in the lawn care world for 11 years I have had every type of mower there is and EXMARK by far is the best. For example when we were running lazers and john deere 425 aws I could mow 3 lawns to the 425's 1 lawn, so we switched to all EXMARKS we have 2 52' tracers 4 lazer z 60' and 1 72 my customers are happy ,my employees are happy ,so this makes me very happy.
Sherri Bock
Sherri's Lawn Service
Jacksonville, AR
I have been in business since 1987 and have owned/used several brands of mowers including Deere, dixie, dixon, kabota to name a few. But none compare to the Lazer Z (which I have owned for 12 years). I mow seven days a week year round. I bush hog with my exmark or I fine cut city yards. I bag leaves, sticks, cones this machine is absolutely the best in the business.
William Allen
Proscape Services, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL
We have been in the business since 1991 and had used Encore mowers in the early years. In 1996 we purchased our first Exmark 36 Hydro Turf tracer mower. Since then we have purchased too many to mention. We have several Lazers and Turf tracers. We will not purchase anything else and we have seen our production increase beyond our wildest dreams. Don't waste your time and money on the rest, buy an Exmark and you will get the best.
Jeremy Loukinas
Tru-Scape Turf
Liberty Twp, OH
Over the winter we purchased a few Exmark walk behinds and couldn't be happier. This summer we traded in all of our non-exmark Zero Turns for 60' Lazer Z's with 27hp Kohler's. Keep up the good work guys!
Michael Becker
All Care Inc
St Louis, MO
Exmark has taken such good care of me in the past, I bought more just to keep the fleet updated. I added 3 more Lazers 'today' to the fleet. I have used the others, got hooked on eXmark and never looked back. Exmark has never let me down, left me out in the cold, or left me hanging, they hang in tough, and keep production up. I still have the eXmark mowers I bought 10 years ago that hooked me on this brand and they are still out working to this day on mowing crews. NO body I mean NO BODY does it better!!!!!!!
Jason DeLong
D&D Landscaping
Birmingham, MI
Hi, I am 14 years old and I have recently purchased a 2007 48' Metro at a local dealer. I previously owned a 48' bob-cat walk behind and I knew I purchased a better mower but didn't realize how amazing Exmark was until I used it on my own 1 acre lawn. The Metro out performed the bob-cat by 100 times and I would never purchase any other brand of mowers, now owning an Exmark. I had 39 customers with my bob-cat and now I have to pick and choose lawns I want because I have now over 300 lawns and 3 employees, so i upgraded my mowers to, two 60' Turf Tracers and a 72' Lazer. I love my mowers and I will never buy anything other than an Exmark. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Jon Baldridge
Custom Lawn Care
San Angelo, TX
I purchased a Metro 26 in May of 06. Ok, I was doing great with this WB. Well, then I bought the entry level CT with 44' deck, in june of 06 even better right? Well here it is July 07 and I just bought the Navigator. I have the Yellow version, which is ok, but the difference between the two are night and day. I have been impressed with the products and how well built they are. This part of Texas is pretty harsh on lawn equipment but eXmark is standing up to the challenge. If you bag alot grass in your service, you will be amazed at the Navigator. We bag around 4-5 acres weekly and the Navigator has improved our productivity 25%, that is a positive cash flow. The cut is so smooth on uneven terrain and scalping has yet to occur with this deck design. Thumbs up on the placement of the deck springs. The torque from the 27 hp is awesome and it bags fast. I also flip up the rear door for discharge cutting as well. It is a dual purpose mower for my company. Great products!!!!!
Robert Normand
Precision Cuts
Evergreen, LA
As a full time firefighter, I decided to open my own lawn care business in my spare time. Not knowing what kind of mower to buy, I looked into the Exmark brand. The website has great features and is a really big help in determining what kind to buy. I purchased the Lazer Z HP 46 inch cut with the Kawasaki 19 horse, you can't buy a better machine for the size yards that I handle. Everything about the machine is great, never had a downfall yet, AWESOME MOWERS EXMARK !!!!!!!!
Kenneth Adams
Adams Cut Right Lawn Service
Brandon, MS
I started using Exmark 2 years ago when i started my own lawn service. I have never seen a mower perform so well and handle like they do. They are a cut above the rest and are known for their quality built machines. Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work. I will never own anything but an EXMARK.
Veronica Sellers
Hackberry, LA
I purchased an Exmark Phazer approximately a year ago. This mower was exactly the type of mower I needed for my yard. I mow over 2 acres of unlevel ground. I did not want a large mower, but I needed a heavy duty system and the Phazer sure meets this qualification. I am very satisfied with this mower. It is the easiest mower I have ever worked on. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Phazer and I could not have made a better purchase. Veronica
Bob Martinez
St. Amant, LA
I have recently purchased one of your Lazer-Z, 50' cut / 20 HP Kohler machines. I'm cutting about six acres of grass, some areas with heavy trees and shrubs. I was able to master the controls in a minimal amount of time and am very impressed in the speed and maneuverability, as well as the even cut of this mower. I enjoy grass cutting on the Lazer-Z and expect to continue for many years. So far, no complaints.
Riky Daniels
Rick's LawnService
Smyrna, DE
I have owned an Exmark Lazer Z for four years now and never had any problems with it. We cut numerous lawns weekly. Just purchased another Lazer Z today and look forward to using it. Keep up the good work!
Bryan Elzey
Dallas, GA
I just bought a Exmark HP, 23hp ,46in It only took just a few seconds on this mower and it already out performs my cub cadet zero turn. I started my own business with the cub cadet, and it just could not keep up with the demand. I know now with my Exmark HP that it will keep me going for many years. Awesome cut and outstanding handling. Awesome Mower all the way around.
jeff baird
S.Glastonbury, CT
Exmark is the only way to go. I am 15 and i started my business when i was 14 with an Exmark metro 32' and mowed only 3 lawns. The cut quality was great, and by the end of the year without even advertising myself people in my neighborhood called me that I have never even talked to before wanting me to because I do a good job. So this year I have upgraded to a 52' Exmark Turf Tracer and cant wait to see how it does. Now I have 7 customers and cant wait to expand even further. I don't think i could have ever done such a good job without the reliable and great cutting Exmark name brand to back me up. When you are looking to buy a new or used mower remember that X marks the spot
jeff baird
baird proffesional landscaping
S.Glastonbury, CT
I am 14 years old and ever since i was younger i always loved watching my dad mow our lawn. Last year i started my own business with just my 1994 exmark 32' metro and determintation. My exmark made my business it did a great job even though it is 12 yrs old and would continue to do so for 12 more years at the least. During the summer i heard from just about every neighbor of mine that i did a great job and they would like me to do theirs. This year me and my dad are upgrading my business by purchasing a 52' turf tracer hp and i cant wait. Now i have chosen 5 other peoples yard to mow and i could do a bunch more. Dont even think about going with scag remember x marks the spot.
David Lambert
Lambert Services LLC
Blountville, TN
Our company bought a exmark walkbehind last year before mowing season and it is amazing. I can't wait for this mowing season to start. Life Time Customer. Thank You!!
Kevin Marino
K and R Lawns
Fairfield, OH
I just bought a turf tracer HP 36' and a Lazer Z 60' 27 Hp. I am just starting my Lawn Care business. I have heard nothing but awesome comments about exmark.
Dan Goeman
John Streeter
Ameriprise Financial
Almont, MI
I was recently handed down a 1994 Exmark Turf Ranger, 60' deck, with 350 hours on it from my father who downsized his home and yard work. I can hardly wait for the grass to grow. I cut approx 2 acres and have almost put my 5 year old Craftsman riding mower in the ground. With the 42 inch deck I have now, it takes me 3+ hours to cut. I am looking forward to cutting that in half. I will be sure to let you know how it goes in the Spring.
Matthew Bass
Jacksonville, FL
I am 17 years old and have been running my own lawn business for about 4 years now and just recently purchase a 36' metro walk behind. That one mower is the backbone of my business because thats all I use is my 36' walk behind. I purchased at the beginning of the summer and ran it every single day over the summer till the fall hit and grass started to not grow. I've kept up with the oil changes and maintenance and it runs like a champ. I'm looking foward to the many years of service I will get out of this unit.
Bob Grimm
Grimmy's Lawn Care
StroudsburG, PA
Continued testimonial from February 2004. Still running strong on my Lazer Z. Purchased 52' walkbehind 2005. Great machines. Poconos still growing. Exmark user for life. Thanks
Ryan Harrell
Ryan's Landscaping
I purchased an Exmark Turf Tracer 3 years ago and it currently has over 400 hours on it with no problems what so ever. The quality of cut even with dull blades is twice as good as the orange brand with sharp blades.
Jack Gutwein
Melrose, FL
I purchased my new 36' Ranger Commercial Mower back in 1984, the combination between Exmark's excellent design and the Honda Engine on it has proved to be the BEST MOWER I have ever owned. It has been trouble free for all these years and still does not use a drop of oil. By maintaining this machine properly, and after 22 years of trouble free service. It is the only machine I will ever have to buy. GREAT PRODUCT!
Mike Farmer
Mike's Better Lawn Service
Swansboro, NC
I can not say enough about Exmark and Exmark dealers. Last week I took ownership of a new Turf Tracer HP. Yopp Brothers Inc. was outstanding to deal with. It was the smoothest transaction I have EVER had with any outdoor product. The quality of cut has been noticed by all of my customers and my productivity rate has sky rocketed! Never again will my company use brand 'x'. Exmark is our furture! Thank you all!
Brandon Newcomb
MSP & Landscaping
Lowell, IN
I'm 15 years old and I used to hate mowing the lawn. 3 years ago my dad started up a business with a 48' cub cadet and 5 accounts. We have since sold the cub and purchased a Metro 36' & LazerZ XS 72' and tripled our accounts and income. This summer I purchased a 48' Turf Tracer HP and look forward to buying a 60' Lazer Z in the near future. Oh, by the way now I love to cut grass. Exmark mowers make mowing fun.
francis fitzgerald
fitz grass service
stevensville, MD
I just moved up to a 30 hp 66' lazer , i had a 27 hp 60' lazer . I thought the 60' could cut grass , but this 66' is a GRASS CUTTING MACHINE. The new dech , the new 30 hp and the new speed can' geter done ' . fitz
Jeff Lewis
Maryville, TN
I bought my Exmark in 1998. After 8 years of commercial mowing, it still runs like a dream. It has been a tough piece of machinery. The only thing I have ever replaced are belts and blades. I will definatley purchase another Exmark if mine ever dies.
Dale Hash
Culpeper, VA
Between my daughter's property and mine, we mow over 6 acres. What used to take me 8-10 hours on a lawn tractor I can now do in less than 4 hours. My Lazer Z is truly a 'Time Machine'!
Eric Grant
Hereford, PA
I have purchased a 72XS with 31hp Briggs in May of 2006. I have been cutting my own lawn and took on cutting the feilds for a local soccer club. I had been using a 44' zero turn unit which took 4.5 hours to cut the fields. I now complete the task in 1.5 and the quality of the cut is second to none. I would recommend any homeowner to demo an Exmark on a yard over 2 acres and it should be a guaranteed sale. Truely professional and worth it!!!
john taber
amsterdam, NY
i purchased the lazer ct 21hp 52 cut. i have 50 hours on it this is a real nice mower. cut is great took 1.5 hours off my mow time. the only thing i didnt like was the they have a new bagger for this model so now its a complete machine now. thanks exmark for the great homeowner mower.
Lou Green
retired A 1 Glass Co
Beaumont, TX
My wife and I have used a Kobota diesel mower for twelve years, when it was time to buy a new mower,several people recomended the zero turn Exmark. Now,60 year old people don't like change, so you can understand the fear of having to learn a new steering system.After looking at several zero turn mowers,We went to Oil City Tractor in Beaumont,Texas and Mr Justin Luther the sales rep. showed us the Exmark Lazer Z 50' mower,and all the features of the mower.He said he could have us mowing in less than an hour,after the delivery of the unit.Thanks Justin, you have made our job so much easier. Where were you twelve years ago? Thanks again, Lou and Barb Green
Michael Perry
Perrys Lawn Care
Bangor, ME
I took over my Family mowing company 2 years ago. We have always run Exmark products. At our peak we were mowing close to 100 lawns a week with our 56 and 48 inch walk behinds. My 48in mower is almost 18 years old and didnt give me problems until last year. Freedom Power Equipment fixed it and it runs great! I just bought a new 48in Turf Tracer HP and plan on buying a new Navigator next year. I'm an Exmark customer for life.
Dylan Penney
D&S Yardservices
Pittsfield, ME
ME and my brother own a yard service company that we started this year we are only 14 and 17. We started out with an Exmark Metro 48" it cut like a dream. Then a month ago, we bought an Exmark Metro 21". That mower was superb. We just recently purchased an Exmark Lazer Z 60", I love this machine! It's like flying a helicopter. Now me and my brother that are only kids, are "showing up" the other company's in our area because we have the Exmark name backing are work. Any one who buys any exmark will love it.
Gary Engerson
I don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I'm so impressed with my new 48' CT that I felt I had too. It's reduced my mowing time by 33% and the cut is second to none. No need to bag or mulch either...the clippings just disapper. Exmark is worth every penny!!!!! Gary
Will Watson
Watson's Landscaping
New Baltimore, MI
I'd just like to let you guys at Exmark know how happy I am with my new 26' Metro. After having 21' Honda's, it's a great time saver and a GREAT cut. Thanks for the great mower, will be looking to Exmark again when the time comes for yet a bigger mower. Thanks again
Alex Wilczynski
A.R. Mowing & Landscaping
Orlando, FL
About 2 months ago, we bought a Exmark Lazer Z HP. I could not be happier! I used to own cub cadet machines but never will I buy anything else. I am now looking into buying another Exmark in the near future, so in the end i will always own Exmark and i would alwways reccomend them. THANK YOU!
Todd bergh
Estate Owner
International Falls, MN
I just bought my first zero turn and after comparing all other makes and models, I decided to try the Lazer Z 66' 30hp. I couldn't be happier. I mow approximately 7 acres and what used to take me 8 hours of mowing time now is completly finished in 2.5 to 3 hours. Absolutely remarkable! If you can stay in the seat, this thing will mow and it flies. Thank You for building a dream machine.
Craig White
Hurricane Lawn & Landscape
Flomaton, AL
Just wanted to say that if you are looking to add the absolute best cutting mower on the market to your lineup, look no further than the Exmark Navigator. This machine is the best dedicated bagger I've ever used. And speed to spare! Just because you are bagging doesn't mean you want to go slow doing it! This is my first experience with Exmark, but it won't be my last. Also, many thanks to Jim and staff at Seville Lawn in Pensacola, Fl for all of their help and advice.
Shannon Strickland
Centurion Group
Dyess Airforce Base, TX
I use the Exmark mowing the housing at Dyess Airforce Base. I mow 40-45 yards a day. The Exmark is awesome.
Pamela Douglass
jacksonville, FL
I have owned many different mowers. I am very pleased with the EXMARK I recently purchased from MACCLENNY CYCLE and MARINE. The owner Steve and his employees Drew and Tom are very friendly and helpful. They all went beyond great service. Thank You. Pamela
Nate Farrier
TSR lawn and landscape
Traverse City, MI
We just purchased our first Navigator last month and I am pleased to say it is better then we ever could have imagined. We've been using Walkers for years now and I thought it couldn't get any better. Well, Exmark proved that wrong. The power, and the efficiency of the machine are incredible which was honestly unexpected. The quality of the product is far better than our old brand and maintenance is a snap. So long as this machine continues to perform as it has we will be adding two more to our fleet next year. Thank you Exmark.
Philip DiGinto
DiGinto Landscaping LLC.
collegeville, PA
I had recently bought a Exmark Lazer Z 60" with the 27 Kohler command motor, WOW it stripes better than any other mower out there. It gets the job done fast and it looks perfectly manicured when we leave. I can't wait for my walk behind to go so I can get a 48" metro. All the mowers are getting traded for Exmarks.
Larry Keenan
Keenan Design services
Cheshire, CT
With a lawn tractor I would have to bag, which would take up to 4 hours on my 2 acres. With the Lazer HP I'm done in about 45 bagging..not even mulching (it's not needed). I can even mow when it's wet. The best part is the way the lawn looks.
Kimberly Levi
paoli, IN
Hello my name is Herb Levi I live in Paoli, Indiana I bought an Exmark HP it's a great mower it's fast and well made! Keep up the good work. Thanks! -The Levi family.
charles bertsch
small repair
Bluffton, IN
I have a freind that has the turf tracer 48 with 17 HP kawasaki & he uses it in his lawn cutting service,bought it used 3 years ago ,I repair it & have used it ,from seeing many mowers in my shop,theres nothin cheap in design on this unit,with proper greasing,has been a reliable machine,cuts very well to
My name is Dexter. I've cut grass since I was 8. I'm now 12 and I love cutting grass. I come from a family who always cuts grass. My Granddad is 81 and has at least 200 customers and is still cutting! My Dad started with him and now I cut with both of them mostly with my Dad. Me and my Dad started with two big lawns and one pushmower now we have a 6X12 trailer 1 44IN. Toro & 1 36IN. Exmark with a striping kit. It's a good mower! MAN, I LOVE CUTTING GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitch Daniel
Mitch's Mowing Service
Ellijay, GA
I just purchased my 60' LazerZ w/27 HP Kohler Command engine, and I love it! My customers are amazed at the speed and the quality of the cuts all the time. I will definately be buying Exmark for a long time to come. Thanks a lot Exmark for a great machine!!
Timothy McNamara
Lawn Cut's
Bladensburg, MD
I bought an Exmark Turf Tracer Aug. 2005 and cut my cutting time in half. The team at Kohler Equipment in Landover Hills is the best. They really know how to treat their customers. The Turf Tracer is a Great Machine. Thanx Exmark!
Benjamin Rosko
East Quogue, NY
I have worked with only walk behinds for the last 5 years. I just bought my first Lazer Z HP a week ago. This machine is incredible. The efficiency of this mower is amazing. It has cut my mowing times in half, and that is an under statement. Not only the machine but the people behind it. You've convined me and I am an Exmark customer for life.
Joe San Clemente III
Ground Effects Lawn Service
Virginia Beach, VA
In the seven years that I've worked doing lawn care, i have seen a LOT of equipment and a LOT of service shops. To this day, I have yet to come across ANY line of mowers that are more versatile than Exmark. I've been in almost every bad situation you can be working for other companies. Since i started my business (year and a half ago) i've tripled my luxury-home clients. Why? I use only Exmark, and I ONLY service my mowers at GL Equipment. I can't say enough about this place!!! Exmark and GL Equipment are a winning combination. I'm crushing the mow, blow and go guys. Just like Exmark, I mow for the future. By the way, i'm owner/operated and only 24. Thanks Exmark & GL Equipment!!!!
Travis Van Ness
PlushGreen Landscaping and Lawn Care, LLC
Groveport, OH
I first left a comment on this site back around 1998/1999. I have to say, it is now 2006 and I am still using Exmark mowers! I have tried other brands, like Scag/Hustler/Convertible, and Exmark still wins hands down. I finally added my first Lazer Z model last week, and it is an awesome machine! In my opinion, Exmark has made the best mowers in the past 8 years I've been in business.... and I'm sure they'll do just as well (if not better) over the next 8 years. Here's to a business relationship that will stand the test of time... *cheers*
michael walters
mikes landscaping
wantagh, NY
I just bought a used Exmark Metro 36 inch 1997 it is an amazing mower I'm sure the new one is even better! It is fabulous. I just started in the lanscaping business and it is really productive and for it's age, it has a 12.5 horsepower Kawasaki and starts up most of the time one first pull. I'm so impressed with the mower, I'm thinking about getting a new one. Attention, whether you're a homeowner, estate owner, or professional landscaper, any Exmark mower whether it is a rider or walk-behind, any of these mowers are Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. get this mower. You either spend a little more or spend more money on repairs on cheaper mowers. Getting an Exmark, they are really productive.
Joe Bornhorst
Premier Lawns
Lima, OH
I've been using Exmark for 6 years and it is incredible, I love it!
Johnathan Knight
Greensboro, NC
I just purchased an Exmark Metro 36' walk behind and it's an incredible mowing machine! By far, it's the best commerical mower i've ever used. I would highly recommend to just a beginner or an experienced landscaper, this mower gets the job done right!
Tyler Kershner
Lawn Barber
Caldwell, ID
Wow! the new Metro 26 is amazing. I don't know of any reason why I would go back to normal 21's. The 26 has proven to be a profitable machine for my buisness and I am converting the rest of my 21's. Thanks Exmark for another innovative product.
tyler kershner
Lawn Barber
Caldwell, ID
Thank you exmark for producing another great machine the Metro 26. Have had no problems with it so far. Thank you again. Tyler Kershner/ Lawn Barber Lawn and Landscape
Nathan Burton
Burton's Services
Richmond, VA
Owned a competitive Zero turn 44' for about 3 years before it started breaking down in the middle of important jobs. Not to say it wasn't a good machine; however it became what I considered unreliable. I went searching for other alternatives and decided to try an Exmark Laser Z 52". I am blown away by its ability to turn smoothly without creating yard 'divots', as well as the immacculate cut and power generated by the Kohler 27 power plant. In addition to the engineering design of the main pump housing and belt sections, there's no doubt problems experienced on my competitive mower have all been eliminated. Looks like the begining of a long Exmark relationship. Thanks Exmark, Brian Cash, Josh, and the 'Central VA Outdoors' staff.
Ronald Raley
Ronald G. Raley Services
Silverdale, WA
I'm one of the first in my area to own an Exmark Navigator Mowing system That I purchased last september, It took a little learning to understand and operate this machine since it is different than mid mount mowers But I must say that the quality of cut this mower has to offer is Superior to any other I have seen, People really notice the golf course finish that this mower provides, you don't have to double cut, and trimming is reduced because of the front mount deck design. This mower works great when you're power raking lawns as well because it does such a great job of vacuming up all the debris thus reducing labor and increasing your bottom line.
bill waits
goshen, OH
hello i wanted to just say how you went to the 20 hp on the 48 and 52 was the thing to do you have more power then you need and the new scalp roller hit the mark .you know i get up to 3600 hr out of them with no major repairs done on them.what can i say but way to go exmark kept up the good work . thank you bill waits
Bill Waits
Goshen, OH
WOW! I would like to say once again, Exmark did it with the new Lazer Z XS. This rider has more power than I think you will need even with a mulch kit on it. This rider is built to run and cut. The new deck is very good and the new scalp roller on it is awesome. Hats off to Exmark you are at the top. Thank You bill waits
Doug Taylor
Taylor Made Lawns
St. Joseph, MO
We have been in business over 10 years and have used several other brands of mowers. We presently run two 52' Turf Tracer HP, one 60' Turf Tracer and one 60' Lazer Z with an unbelieveable 3100 hours on it. It just will not quit. Just when you think they can't make them any better along comes the new Triton decks and many other improvements. Just bought a new 66' Lazer Z XS. My dealer, Jackson Lawn Equipment, never ceases to amaze me. As far as bottom lines go, if you are not running Exmark Mowers, yours is suffering.
West Lafayette, IN
I have a LazerZ, 27hp Kohler, 60' mower and it's by far the finest cutting machine I have used. It wasn't until I used this machine did I understand what 'grooming grass' really implied, but now I know, it simply looks betters than anything I have used in the past.
Tyler Caldwell
Caldwell Landscaping
Wantage, NJ
This has been a family bussnies since it started. Neaver knowing how big we were going to get, were doing it all. We have demoed SCAGS and there just to wobbley and the blad speed is slow thing goes to fast for what it can cutt. Are three 60 inch lazers rip it up there fast and they strip so nice, power there is no hill that it wont go up. If your looking for a new mower and want the best go with EXMART they neaver let me down.
Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton Lawn Care
Franklin, TN
I have a Turf Tracer 48'' and theres nothing that compares! NO PROBLEMS!
Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton Lawn Care & Landscaping
Franklin, TN
I bought my first Exmark from Commercial Lawn Equipment in Nashville, and I haven't regreted one second of it. With a 48'' Turf Tracer and a 19HP Kawasaki. The ECS is great if you are just learning about it. My Mower is like my little baby! I love it! NOTHING COMPARES! BEST BUILT MOWER A+++++++
Michael Crawford
MJ Crawford Complete Lawn Care
Hanover, PA
I bought a Exmark Lazer Z XS with 31 HP Briggs, 60 inch deck, really is a great mower. The mower hauls and still delivers a quality cut at full throttle. This is my 2nd Exmark, I bought a 48inch walk behind with a 12.5 Kawasaki in 1987, the head gasket just went out last year and that was after mowing 24 good size properties every week.
Fred Sayers
L&F Landscaping Inc
Chesapeake, VA
We now own 4 Lazers, and 4 21' push mowers. I added the Ultra Vac to one of my 28 EFI 60'. It is the answer I was looking for. It will pickup and basically turn pine cones into dust. We also have a new dealer in this area. G.L. Equipment is what every professional needs in a dealer. They get your equipment back out of the repair shop in days rather than weeks. They are quite professional and go the extra mile for you. I have dealt with others, but not again. We have used Exmark now for a full year and had excellent results. The mowers are also forgiving to a greater extent in the event you run into something than any others I have tried. Thanks Exmark for making a good mower, look forward to my business for years to come.
James Mulcahy
Mulcahy Mowing and More
North Attleborough, MA
WOW I just bought a 36' Viking it's amazing! I cut my time in half! I'm only 15 and will be buying another Exmark next season!
Andrew McCoy
Slippery Rock, PA
Last year I purchased 48' Lazer CT. The mower is fantastic. From deck construction and design to the power and speed of the mower itself. My previous mower was also a ztr. The CT put it to shame. The CT was faster, better quality, better cut(suprised because I thought the old one had a good cut)and basicly a better value. Yes the CT cost about $1000 more new than the other one did, but my CT will last probably the rest of my life time. My other mower was starting to fall appart after just 1 and 1/2 years. At the end of the cutting season this year, I told my wife that I was sad I would have to wait till next spring to cut the lawn again. She just laughed at me. PS. I really liked the striper kit I bought with the mower.
Sam Spires
Wolf River Landscapes
Moscow, TN
After demoing several types of mowers it became clear to us that the Lazer ZHP 48' with the Kawasaki 19hp engine was the one we needed. After using it for the second half of this cutting season, we couldn't be happier with the results. The mulching system works great for grass and now with leaves. We will be buying another mower this spring and it will be an Exmark. Thanks Wolf River Landscapes
Stephanie Jackson
macclenny, FL
i have a 52 ich cut lazer Z ive used it for a year now and there has not been a problem with it yet. i dont think i will ever have to buy aonther mower again. eXmark is a good mower
Drew Douglass
Glen st mary, FL
the 60 inch cut eXmark is the finest mowers out there. ive used buton/bobcats, smappers, gravelys and none of these mowers cut or drive like the eXmark. i mowe 5 acres with the 60 inch cut in 2 hours and 15 min. i will buy more
Larry Maier, Jr.
Larry's Lawn Service
Providnce Forge, VA
I am extremely pleased with the eXmark 52' Lazer Z. It has proven itself to be a highly dependabe and productive mower. My company has purchased 2 of these machines and will soon purchase 1 more. We have used other brands in the past but there is just no comparison to the Lazer Z. If you are getting ready to invest in commercial yourself a favor and invest in will not regret it.
Alan Schaeffer Jr
Northern Lawn Care
Roscommon, MI
I would just like to express my gratitude towards Exmark. Today, 10-19-05, is the first day I used my new lazer HP, and I was very impressed. I have owned my business for 2 years now, and made the mistake of buying a Gravley zero-turn. I was always putting money and time into it. I know I have only owned my Exmark for a day, but I can already tell a major difference. The first lawn I did was full of leaves and pine needles, and I was a little worried at first. My lazer (with the vacume attachement), cleaned that yard in no-time. Not only was I impressed, but so was the home-owner. This will be the first of many Exmarks for me. Thank you Exmark, and thanks to Kubota Central in Clare, MI.
Justin Browning
Wichita Falls, TX
I purchased a Lazer Z Advantage Series 60' rider about four weeks ago. I have approx. 3 acres with 48 trees that I maintain with a mower. With my 48' Craftsman it took about 4 hours for me to mow, now I can mow the same area in about 1hr & 15min. I have had a great experience thanks to my local Exmark dealer, he answered every question and has helped me in any way he could. These are high quality, heavy built mowers and I now think are worth every penny. My time saved is worth a fortune not to mention riding one of the Lasers is a joy, not even like work. I had already had service work done on my other mower by the Exmark dealer so I know these guys are great when it comes to service. I could'nt be happier with my purchase. Thanks Exmark!
Joe Armstrong
Beatrice Lawn Care
Beatrice, NE
I have had a lazer for the past 2 years, and now just received my new lazer xs. I can honestly say that this is the best machine I have ever used. The speed, cut, and performance of this machine is unmatched to any other I have used. 'No one does it better' is a very accurate statement! I have nothing to say but compliments! Joe Armstrong Beatrice Lawn Care
Bob Fuqua
Small Towne Lawn Maintenance
Wesley Chapel, FL
I've been in business for about 10 yrs. I bought my Exmark Metro in 1995, the Kawasaki motor has been flawless. Other than a pair of deck bearings and a tensioner pulley the mower has been nothing short of extraordinary, I've had people work for me that usually run a brand new Scagg walk behind, they say there is no comparison. I am sold on your products, I will be visiting a showroom soon for a new ZTR Thanks, Bob Fuqua & Barb Nelson
mike espinola
mike's landscaping
fall river, MA
hi yes i own a exmark metro 48' let me tell you that you cant beat the proformance of an exmark like they say nobody does it better.
Brad Frey
Cincinnati, OH
I bought a 1990 48' Viking belt driven from a friend of mine in the business and WOW does it make cutting grass easy! Although it is over 15 years old, it still starts first try everytime. I was so sick of using my riding mower because all of the trees and obstructions in my yard. I have almost cut the time it takes to cut in HALF. Thanks for a great long lasting product.
Brad Le Bris
New Canaan, CT
I have run a lawn maintenance business for 6 years. Just last year I purchased a 25HP Lazer Z 60' Unit with the Ultra-Vac. I was very impressed at how quickly we were able to go through our residential properties. I was able to take on more accounts and keep more people happy with our service. In addition to our Lazer this year I purched 2 new 52' Turf Tracers. Exmerk Makes the strongest, most reliable and cost friendly lawn equipment. Thank you Exmark!
Travis Lawn and Landscape
I love my 32 inch Viking. Mulches wonderfully. Very reliable. To own one is to love one.
Brad LeBris
New Canaan, CT
We Recently Bought the Exmark Lazer Z 27 HP 60' Mower with the Ultra-Vac System. I was extremely impressed with how well the vacuum system worked (even in wet heavy conditions.) Until last Spetember I ran 2 crews with 48' & 52' Turf Tracers, the Lazer-Z gave me the advantage I needed, time-saving results, and unscalped lawns. They are a must for anyone who maintains large estate properties. I also know from experience Exmark stands firmly behind all their power equipment. Thank you Exmark.
ron boswell
jacksonville, FL
i just bought a clean well maintainedlazerz,it had 197hrs with mulch kit, and ultra bag system,i have 5 acres to cut,with a lot of big trees can not wait to try out complete system,should have bought one a long time ago!! sweet machine!!!.
Chris Sprong
R&C Landscape and Lawn Care
Boone, IA
If you are planning on starting a business go with the best 'Exmark', even if the dealer may want more for the product it will definately be worth it!! With less down time means more money in your pocket, I know since I have owned Exmark and Toro since day one. The Toro's didn't hold up to any the Exmarks we have had. If you want to be the best and make the most money you can, then BUY THE BEST. HANDS DOWN, Thank you Exmark. Chris Sprong. Vice President.
Aaron Walker
Goodlettsville, TN
I did not want to spend this much at first on a lawn mower. I can't tell you how pleased I have been with every aspect of this mower. My wife teases me about my 'close' relationship with my mower. Ha! I now water my grass to speed up the growth process, so I can cut it again.
Brad LeBris
New Canaan, CT
I have had 2 52' Turf Tracers for 3 years, and our lawn maintenance division really grew in the last year. I purchased the 25 HP 60' Lazer with the Ultra Vac. I was so surprised at how quickly and cleanly the Lazer-Z cut grass. Even in the spring when the grass is tough and tall. I would recommend a Lazer-Z to anybody in the residential landscape maintenance business. Thank you EXmark.
jason nuzzo
meadow view lawn care llc
north haven, CT
I've been running a metro 48 for 5 years its awsome a 60 inch Ranger for 7 years with little problems and got a 60 inch Lazer Z with the UltraVac it is unbleveable!!! Wet grass 7 inches tall no clogs or clumps and no grass left behind cuts mowing time in half best machine ive ever used! if you are on the fence between scag tiger and exmark lazer ive used them both go with the lazer its truly a great piece of a landscaping tool. thanks to Dave at Fernets power in hamden ct those guys are great.... exmark keep designing great things. Jason north haven ct
Rodney Robbins
The Groundskeeper
Phx, AZ
I have been in the business for 15 years at The Groundskeeper,as one of the mechanics. I have had the pleasure of working on the Exmark product line for the last 10 years or so and as far as I'm concerned there is no better product on the market than the Exmark line I call it the Cadilac of lawn mowers I'm Still running and Exmark Explorer that we purchased in 1997,we have had a couple of Lazer Z's LHP'S 60' 72' 48',I've got 4 walkbehind mowers as well. It is one great machine.You guys are great THX ROD
bill waits
goshen, OH
We just bought two of the new 26 inch pushmowers and all I can say is wow good job Exmark, You hit it right on the head. If anyone out there ispush mowing and dont have one you shoul get one.
Justin Brown
Brown's Allseason Landscape
Indianapolis, IN
I recently purchased a 2000 exmark with 1430hrs. on it. It would not start or do anything. I took it home and had its 25HP kohler running the very next morning. The deck turn on but after replacing the hydro belt I quickly learned that the 'weak wheel pump' was totally destroyed. I put two new pumps in and it cuts and drives better than any new competitors mower I have ever seen. I personally would be willing to buy a thounsand more exmarks before I would another ZTR. Thank You for all of the Exmark staff help it has been great.
Dwight Bond
Bond's Lawn Keepers
Picayune, MS
I have been mowing for 15 years. I just wish I have used Exmark when I first started my business. But now I have relized what a different these mowers are. I currently have three Exmark mowers. two lazer Z 60', one turf tracer 36'. I am going to purchase another turf tracer 48' w/19 kaw. electric start. Thanks EXMARK
Scotland Yards
I own a 48' Turf Tracer HP with a Turf striping kit on it. I purchased it for home use only at first. But when my neighbors saw how increadible my lawn looked, it went from there and I cut about 20 yards a week in my spare time. I love the plaid stripes I can create, hence 'Scottland Yards'. I would change my name to eXmark if i could get away with it! What a great mower, I will never buy an other brand. Then again I probably won't need to, you can't tear these things up.
Charlie Matarazzo
Cedar Ridge Lawn Maintenance
Hampton, NJ
I purchased my first Exmark Laser in 1999. Before that my company only used walk behind mowers, the purchase of the lasers cut my time inhalf allowing me to take on more work and get done in the same amount of time. I now own four 60' Lasers with my most resent puchase being the new XS model. Wow is this machine fast and still cuts great. I would recommend the Exmark brand to anyone these are by far the nicest machines on the market.
Greg Mosteller
Lawn & Land Care by G&J, LLC
Vale, NC
I have owned other mowers (Toro, BobCat, Snapper, John Deere, Walker, Scagg) as you can see. But the best mower I have ever been on is the ExMark. I traded my BobCat for a 27/60 Lazer Z. Then you came out with the 31hp Lazer XS. I traded my 27/60 Toro in for a Lazer XS 31/60. I was so impress with the Lazer XS I took my Lazer Z back and traded in for another 31/60 Lazer XS. ExMark not only delivers the best quality mow in the landscaping market but it increased my productivity to the point that I am now doing the same work with 2 men that it took 4 to do previously. Thank you ExMark for being there for the professional landscapers. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!
patrick reid
reids landscaping
cream ridge, NJ
We run exmarks long and hard. They just will run and run. So if you want the best try one
Wells Mortimer
Mortimer Mowing
Jackson, MS
I bought an Exmark LZ HP 48, IT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never used anything like it. It cuts great and so fast and manuverable. I will never buy anything else, also their customer service is crazy. I call and within about 25 seconds there is an EXPERIANCED, (not an idiot), technician who can walk me through any type of work i need to perform. They are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Yarmel
J & R Landscaping and Lawn Service
Langhorne, PA
At the end of the 2004 season, I picked up a used metro 36' that had a blown kawasaki engine. I replaced the engine and changed the belts and blades on it. So far all season it has run teriffic!!! The cut is wonderful and it cant be beat!!! Exmark is a great brand of mower!! If you live in or around Bucks County Pa, Bensalem Lawn equipment is the place to go!!! THANX FOR A WONDERFUL MACHINE!!!!!!!
Bill Hayford
W.Hayford Lawn and Landscape Maintenance
Nazareth, PA
I own a fleet of turf tracer hp's and a couple of lazer hp and z w\kaw and kohler . Best investment ever made.Profits increased and time and labor DECREASED.Keep up the great machines exmark
What a machine!!!! I tested 3 other models in the commercial line-up like John Deere, Snapper, & Grasshopper and there is no comparison to the Lazer Z. This is the best commercial zero turn out there bar none. Now I know why all my competitors use them also. I will add another to my line up next year. Thank you!!
Steve Thompson
Marshall, IL
I bought out New Lazer Z HP in March. It's the best mower I've ever owned. I like it so well, I can't wait for our grass to grow. And I use to hate mowing yard, now I LOVE it.
Kyle Williams
Clean Image Lawn & Landscape
New Boston, TX
I currently own one of the first Navigators to be sold in Texas. I was a Walker owner. Now I own the best. It's simple, Exmark is the BEST!
Chris Hovey
Hovey's Lawn Care
Indianapolis, IN
As a commercial cutter, I am always looking for better ways to improve my quality of service to my customers. And this year I did so by adding a 60” 27-hp Lazer Z. I previously owned the “faster” mowers and, while I was happy then, I didn't realize how much better I could get. The quality of cut is tremendously better. I am a professional and now I feel confident that my work is the best it can be, and when I leave a property, it looks well groomed. Thanks, Exmark!
Kevin Whipple
Westminster Presbyterian Church
New Brighton, PA
We purchased our 52” Lazer Z model 2 years ago. I have nothing but praise for it. Before the Exmark, it took us 10 - 12 hours using a riding mower and push mower for our 4 acres. Now it takes me 2 - 2 1/2 hours to do everything. It cuts much better then anything I've used.
Stacy Brown
Tyler, TX
I recently purchased my first Exmark ZTR. All I have to say is that the ladies like it. As a balding, middle-aged guy, it has really improved my productivity, if you know what I mean.
Roger Libra
Glencoe, MN
I bought my Exmark Lazer Z CT last summer, and it is the finest lawnmower I have owned. I have cut my mowing time by 40%. With 2 acres to mow, that is a lot of time saved.
Jake Brooks
Sylva, NC
We purchased a 32” Exmark Metro about 5 years ago and it has the best handling and is the most reliable mower we've ever had. It put our Craftsman rider to shame. We've never had a major problem with it. All we've had to do is perform routine maintenance. EXMARK IS THE BEST MOWER OUT THERE!!!
Vinnie Ambrose
VMA Quality Lawn Care
Lakeland, FL
I have just recently purchased a 60” Turf Tracer with a 23-hp Kohler. After using a BobCat ZTR for a year or so, the Turf Tracer puts it to shame. The quality of cut is great and the mower is very productive. I will never buy anything but Exmark. The dealer in my area is wonderful; he stands behind everything he sells and I am a very happy customer. Commercial Lawn Equipment is the place to shop.
Robert Sharp
C & S Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Inc.
Orlando, FL
We bought our 52” Lazer Z with a 23-hp Kohler six years ago. Over 3,000 hours later, it keeps us looking good, providing the kind of cut we were looking for. We have run just about every piece of equipment out there. There has been very little downtime with our mower, so it keeps us busy. With the Lazer Z, Exmark has hit a home run. When we purchase our next piece of equipment, it will most definitely be an Exmark.
Britt Wyrick
Britt's Lawncare and Landscape
Troutville, VA
I started 2 years ago with a Scag and I was in the market for a new mower, but I was looking for a walk-behind. Well, the dealer I went to had no walk-behinds in--they were all being demoed--but said to go ahead and take out a Lazer Z, which I did. The day I brought it back, I left with a new one. The striping ability of Exmark is untouched by any mower and I've used them all. The speed and how easy it is stay on a straight path makes Exmark above the rest. All you have to do is try one out and you'll see what I mean.
Justin Stump
Stump's Lawn Care
Cromwell, IN
I have mowed with a lot of other mowers and, when I decided to buy an Exmark Turf Tracer HP, it was the best decision that I could have made. It is easy to operate, mows beautifully, and is completely worth the investment. It has cut my mowing time which, in turn, makes more profit. I see that Exmark is coming out with a Navigator and I can't wait to purchase one of those also. Keep up the good work!!
Matt Hughes
Nature Care Inc.
Albany, NY
Exmark are the highest quality mowers I have ever used. My Lazer Z HP and my 2 Lazer Zs are the best investments I have made to my business, The UltraVacs are easy to set up and remove, and the striper kits have made my customers’ lawns look like professional stadiums.
Rodger Green
Mr. Green's Lawn-Care & More.
Chickamauga, GA
I must say my Exmark has been a great mowing tool. Our company has really grown in the last 5 years, and we will use Exmark mowers until something better comes along (NOT). NOTE: B & B Tractors in the Dalton, GA, area has been a super place to deal with. Stop in today and ask for Charlie--he's a great guy to deal with. You can contact me at 423-802-8138 / 706-539-2804. Ask for Rodger; I'm the owner.
Scott Swanson
Swanson's General Services
Pendleton, OR
We purchased a 52' Lazer Z HP this past year and I can say for the first time in years that I got my moneys worth on a purchase. This machine is a time saver and we are looking at purchasing a 60' Lazer Z, a 36' TTHP, and a 26' Metro this year as well.
Tony Alexander
Trimming Etc.
Fort Worth, TX
I have a 52” Exmark with a 25-hp Kohler engine. It is by far the best mower, deck, and cut of any rider I have driven. If you are looking for a rider you can depend on day in and day out, look no further!!!
Ted Hemmersmeier
Green As Can Be
St. Louis, MO
I love my two Exmarks. They’re putting me through college. Well done.
Doug Schaal
Lawn Rangers
Powers Lake, WI
I bought a Lazer Z this past year, after mowing with Simplicity, Ferris, and Grasshopper. I could not be happier with the speed, cut, vacuum, and toughness. I’ve been mowing commercial for 50 years and am always open to new products. For now, I’m very happy with Exmark and will probably return for more mowers.
Mark Kershner
Second Nature Landscape
Robesonia, PA
I have been in business since 1989. We used to own a John Deere product but that was then. Back in 1996, I had an opportunity to demo a new product in the area--a Lazer with a 60” deck and a 22-hp Kohler engine. I bought it on the spot!! Then in 2001, I demoed another Exmark product--a Lazer Z HP with a 52” deck and a 23-hp Kawasaki engine. Our company now owns two of these and two 21” Metros. In 1996 when I bought my first Exmark product, we seemed to be the only company in the area running this product. We take care of a high- profile auto lot, and all I can say is that every other landscaper in this area must have noticed, because the majority of those companies used to run Scag. Now over 1/2 of them are using Exmark. Exmark has definitely helped me to grow my business and I feel they are like a partner in my business. Exmark is the only mower you will find on my trailers!!
James LeMay
Whitehorse, NW
I love my lawn mower.
Daniel Givens
Newport, VA
I have had my Exmark 36” Metro for 3 years now. The only repair it has had was when the right side brake drum got a burr and the brake would stick all the time. Other than that, my mower has had a rough time--I scrape on rocks and stumps all the time, a couple times so hard the engine immediately died. It never hurt it. This thing is as good as new with only some missing paint. My Metro has been tough as nails, and it mows very well and trucks through 5-6” grass in 4th (4.2 mph), and it looks as good as if I mowed 3” grass on the first pass. I also think PowerZone is the only place to buy equipment if you live nearby. They are wonderful. More businesses should follow their example.
John Fideli
ALC Land Services
Sarasota, FL
I have two Exmark mowers, a 48” Lazer Z HP and a 60” Lazer Z EFI, and they're the best investments I have ever made. Exmark is the only lawn mower name you need to know. For the best cut and best for your buck, Exmark is the one to get. John A.J. Fideli II, ALC Land Services.
Chris Cook
Cru Cutters
Florence, KY
I love my new Exmark. It has a combination of everything I ever wanted in a commercial piece of equipment. I think Exmark is the top-of-the- line mower that gets the job done fast and right. Exmark is the brand to buy!
Walt Coddington
Central Florida Grounds Maint.,Inc.
Dunedin, FL
I just purchased my new, 48” Lazer HP, 21-hp Kawasaki from the Royal Edger and Mower show in February. It's quite an upgrade from my previous Lazer Z HP (5 years old)! Lots of great improvements!! I used to call the Lazer Z HP the Mercedes of lawn equipment! Now it's the Rolls Royce!! Great job, Exmark!! This summer will be a breeze!!
Lance Richards
Lance's Lawn & Landscape
Ballwin, MO
Exmark mowers are top-of-the-line equipment. I finally purchased my Turf Tracer HP this weekend, and I’m excited!! I’m looking forward to kicking off the 2004 season with a bang. Later on I plan on buying a Lazer Z Liquid- Cooled with a 60” deck and a turf striping kit. Thanks, Exmark.
Mike Cornish
Apex Lawn Care
Avoca, NY
I’ve been in business for many years. I started out with push mowers, then rider mowers, then commercial mowers. I have a 1992 Turf Ranger 60-inch deck, out-front mower. I love how it gets under and around the trees. Dreaming about a new Lazer Z in the future. My business is now part-time, about 15 to 20 lawns a week.
Leonard Troiana
Matamoras, PA
I bought my 60” Lazer Z last year when I started my company. I have used all of the top brands throughout my 8 years in the business. I have to admit that I was always a Scag lover, but the new Z has impressed me. Solid design and productive, but the best feature is how simple it is to use one. New workers are great with one in days, not months. Oh, and please take a look at all the Exmark walker attachments--their edging attachment is the best.
Robert Grimm
Grimmy's Lawn Care
Stroudsburg, PA
I purchased my first new unit in 2003 and I must say I am totally satisfied with the 52' HP zero turn unit. My productivety has increased by 50%. Here in the Poconos population growth has increased by 60% which means more lawns to mow. My intention is to purchase another unit should business increase for 2004. Support has been fantastic from my dealer. I am very pleased. I recommend your units highly. Thanks again.
Garrett Ellington
Trophy Greens
Roswell, GA
You really improved my cutting time. I tell everyone to buy an Exmark. Thanks a lot.
Randy Croissant
Buffalo Grove Park District
Buffalo Grove, IL
We were introduced to the Lazer Z back in 1996 when ZTR mowers were the new kid on the block. We were immediately impressed with the quality of this thing, not to mention the quality of cut and, most important, that it’s economical and dependable to operate. Since then we have added several more to our fleet with great results. Thanks to Leroy’s for great service.
Walt Coddington
Central Fla Grds Maint, Inc.
Dunedin, FL
I after 9 of 13 years in the business I purchased my first Lazer with a 48' cut. I was cutting 100 yards a week (5 days/by myself). I saved 1.5 hours a day in cutting time!! Now I'm getting a little older and cut back to 75 per week. I am finished on Thursday and have a three day weekend. I'm getting ready to sell mine and get a new 2004 from Royal Edger and Mower. The best service around!! Thanks Exmark for your awesome products!! I tell everyone to buy one!!
Brian Antkowiak
Brian's Lawn Service
shrewsbury, PA
I have been cutting grass with my father since I was 10 years old. We bought our first piece of Exmark machinery in 1998; it was a 32” walk- behind. This year I started my own business, and I was able to buy an Exmark Lazer Z. It was the best money I have ever spent. It cut my time in half as compared to the 52” Scag I had. The time you save means you can either get more accounts or save on employee costs. The Lazer also cuts wet grass great. The other day I was the only cutter out because everyone else in my area owns Scags and they were too afraid to try the wet grass. Exmark rocks!
Lance Richards
Lance's Lawn & Landscape
Ballwin, MO
eXmark mowers are truly #1.I have been in the lawn care buisness since age 9. Now at 16 I currently take care of 12 lawns with a John Deere Lx277 riding mower. One day I decided to demo an eXmark Turf Tracer hp 48', I fell in love with it. For the season of 2004 I have decided to purchase a Turf Tracer hp 17hp electric start 48' with a velke and bagger. Soon one day I will purchase a Lazer Z Liquid Cooled 60'. eXmark is truly the best piece of commercial equipment out on the market today, so keep up the good work and I'll keep on buying.
Anthony Julian
AJ'S Landscaping & Lawncare
Missouri City, TX
I’ve owned a 32-in. Metro for 2 years and just bought a 48-in. Lazer Z CT—great mower. It allows me to do the same job in half the time, and the quality of the cut is great. As my company grows, I will continue to purchase Exmarks. They have served me good!!!!!
David Pousson
Eunice, LA
I recently bought a 60” Lazer Z from a friend who lost his contract. It is just over a year old with 147 hours. Amazing machine. It cuts neatly at full speed, 9 or so mph, with no complaints. I can't imagine a better machine than this. Perhaps one with air conditioning!!!! Thanks, Exmark.
Steve Trettel
Fantasy Lawns Inc.
Merritt Island, FL
Our 1st Exmark was in 1998...Our latest is a 60” Lazer Z EPS in 2002...Our next is a 72” Lazer Z.... Thanks for letting us GROW with you!!
Bruce Coleman
Coleman Lawn Care
Cumming, GA
As I finished my 13th lawn of the day, in the heat of summer, I smiled to myself and, in my exhaustion, actually said Thank God for the Lazer Z.” I'd been dealing with a hurt hip and other setbacks and finally had my Lazer Z back in action, and it made all the difference. Reliable, rugged, with a great cut, it's the industry standard.
Richard Hance
The Lawn Guy, Inc.
Lakeland, FL
You can't say anything bad about these machines. I've owned from 36-in. walk-behinds to the 60-in. Lazer Zs. I currently own the 60” Turf Tracer and the 36” Turf Tracer HP. Incredible cutting machines. I am 100% sold that these are the best mowers on the market. Great job--keep up the awesome work.
Jared Cook
Cook Brothers Lawn and Landscape
Pittsford, NY
In my second year in business, I cut 15-20 lawns every week with my 48” Turf Tracer. The mower performs exceptionally well, requires minimal maintenance, and does a terrific job. Last week I took on an extra 30 lawns for a friend of mine that was out of town. He runs Ferris mowers that are bulky, excessively heavy, and slow. When he got back into town, he told me that his answering machine was filled with messages from customers saying that their lawns looked better than they ever had, and wanted to know what the difference is. My friend just bought a Lazer Z.
Michael Souder
Lawns by Souder
Garrett, IN
I've been mowing lawns since I was 11 with my dad and my brother. It started as a part-time job for my brother and me but it turned into a full-time job, FAST! We bought 2 Simplicity mowers when we first started. We bought our first Lazer Z mower last year and we bought another one at the beginning of this year. With just the Simplicity mowers, we were cutting around 32 lawns per week between the 3 of us. I am 16 now and my brother has left for college and doesn't mow with us anymore. With the 2 LAZER Z mowers, my dad and I are cutting 47 lawns in a week!! WOW! Thanks, Exmark!!
Junior Turner
Code 3 Maintenance
White Oak, TX
The mowing, that used to take three days to do with my two Snappers, now only takes two days with one Exmark. Magneto Sales in Kilgore, TX, has given excellent service and has called to check on the operation of the mower. This one mower is doing the work of two Snappers.
Tim Cockey
T&T Services
Owings Mills, MD
I recently bought a 52” Turf Tracer with ECS—the best investment in a walk-behind I could make. No more double mowing to make it look good.
Michael Browning
Mike's Lawn Care
Cottondale, AL
Hello to all. Now I have my second Exmark. It’s a 48” Turf Tracer HP with the Micro-Mulch System. On my first job of the season my customer was blown away by the quality of the cut on his yard. He was so ecstatic, he asked me to make up a sign saying “This yard was cut by Mike’s Lawn care. If you want the best call Mike!” My dealer was Godwin Equipment. They are the best people with which to do business. Thank you Lynn and Tommy for your advice on my purchases. You have never let me down. Thank you, Exmark, for making the best equipment. You’re #1.
Clay Richardson
Richardson Lawn care and Landscaping
Murfreesboro, TN
I would like to thank Exmark for their awesome equipment and service. I bought a 48” Turf Tracer last season and paid it off in two months. I am in the process of purchasing a 60” Lazer Z for the upcoming season. No other equipment compares with Exmark. You cannot beat their serviceability and reliable performance. Thanks to my hometown dealer, Vick's Outdoor Power.
Mike Bush
Horizon Lawn and Landscape Services, LLC
Brentwood, TN
At 17, my lawn service is growing faster than ever! I bought a 52” Metro HP when I was 14 and was able to take on enough work to buy a truck and trailer, and hire a friend to help me. Last year we bought a 60” 23-hp Turf Tracer with ECS. It saved us so much time we were able to take on over 30 residential and 4 Commercial accounts, while maintaining straight A's in school! The machines have paid for themselves more than 7 times over, with more to come next season. I've operated friends' Scags, Ferrises, BobCats, and Toros. None of the machines come close to comparing with our Exmarks. Thanks so much!
Justin Shigley
Lightning Lawn Care
South Lyon, MI
I have been in business for 3 years, and I run 2 60” Lazer Zs and a 52” Turf Tracer HP. These mowers rock--never had a problem yet. I also use 2 Ultra-Vacs for leaves. Whether small leaves or big leaves, it sucks them all up. Nobody does it better!!!!
Michael Browning
Mike's Lawn Service
Cottondale, AL
I had to start my business at a low level. I had neither the money nor the time to waste. Finding a cheaper mower was no problem. My 21” Metro was the most expensive of all the brands I researched but, after seeking the advice of several lawn care professionals, I chose the Metro. Even though it was designed as a finish or a small-yard mower, it performs better than most of the riders that are sold though retail outlets. A neighbor had grass nearly 2 feet high and so did my customer. My neighbor’s Craftsman commercial rider that cost over $2000.00 has fried 3 belts and 2 blades, and his yard still looks like a jungle. My Exmark has never seen the inside of a shop. His Craftsman has been in the shop 5 times. Do the math--you get what you pay for. If the blades are not turning, you are not earning. That’s why I chose Exmark.
Ray Eller
Corsicana, TX
I am 55 years old. In addition to our own yard, I began mowing neighborhood jobs for school lunch money when I was 12 years old, and I have been mowing at some level ever since. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that when I completed my 3.4 hour job this past Sunday (the day after I bought the Exmark), I was disappointed, when the job was over, that I didn't have more to do.
Ryan Printy
Concord, NC
The company that I work with started out with a single 60” Lazer Z two years ago, and since then, our company has expanded to also include a 52” Turf Tracer HP. Both mowers are very operator-friendly and easy to maintain. The striping kit on our Lazer Z works great, and neither of our machines have ever had any downtime due to mechanical problems. I am very pleased with the machines Exmark has built, and we will continue to purchase Exmark as long as they exist. Keep up the good work!!!!!!
Mike Becker
Stay Green
St Louis, MO
I have used most of the other machines out there--went with others because of price and found you get what you pay for. Like Exmark’s trademark slogan says, “Nobody does it better.” Price, longevity, fantastic cut, who can compare?
Andrew Ross
AR Lawn Mowing
Rockville, MD
I recently bought a 36” Metro mower with sulky attachment. With the sulky, I can mow yards quicker than ever! I stand on the back and maneuver the mower while mowing. It's great and affordable for my beginning landscape service!
Ryan Korfiatis
Ryan's Lawn Service
Brooklyn Park, MN
I bought a 48” Lazer Z HP late last September. I love it. It does an awesome job. I used to have a John Deere and I'm so happy I bought this mower. I am only 15 and I already have a good business going. I couldn't have done it without this new Lazer Z! THANKS!
Lloyd Braim
Home owner
Beach Park, IL
This is my third season with this machine—the 60” Lazer Z Liquid-Cooled. I love it. It takes control of the grass, not the other way around. When I get done cutting the grass,(about 3 acres), it looks good and I don't get beat up. I highly recommend it. It is a pleasure to operate.
Paul McIntosh
Elkton, KY
My new 60” Lazer Z 25-hp is a fantastic grass- cutting machine. It takes less than 1 1/2 hours to cut what took 4 1/2 hours with my 46” tractor. It cuts so level my yard looks better than it ever has. It is fun mowing and so easy.
Dave Kodis
No. Reading, MA
I just wanted to drop a quick comment on my recent purchase of a 32” Metro. I spent a week researching walk-behind mowers. Exmark always seemed to be mentioned as a top unit. When I saw a 4-year-old unit in the want ads, I decided to give it a try. For the first time in 10 years, I actually look forward to mowing! It cuts great, it cuts fast, and no more bagging...I just mow the whole lawn again! What used to take 4 hours, now takes two, mowing twice! I look forward to the weekend mowing, now! Thanks, Exmark. Nice product.
Bryant Cox
The Mowing Company
Omaha, NE
I bought a used 36” Exmark Turf Tracer HP about four weeks ago. i can bag a yard in fifteen minutes that used to take me hours. Could you send me some stickers or signs, because I would love to advertise your awesome product. Thanks, Exmark!
Jeff Ashline
sole propieter
Walton, NY
I just purchased my first Exmark mower. The one I chose was the Lazer Z, 23-horse, 60-inch deck. I have one lawn that used to take me 7 hrs to do with a John Deere 325 mower, 48-inch deck; now with this beautiful machine, I get it done in 3 1/2 hours, weed-eating included. I want to thank Exmark for making such a great timesaver so affordable for us professionals. I hope to replace my other John Deere with another Exmark. Plus I live in the Catskills; there are no flat lawns around here, and it handles the hills great. Just be careful going downhill. Now I can expand my business without having to buy another truck and trailer, and hire another crew. Thanks again, Exmark.
Mike Van Blaricom
Mike's Lawn & Snow Business
Davenport, IA
I'm only 13 and have started to mow grass for money. I had a John Deere last year but I just bought a 52” Exmark Lazer Z. Wow! I can triple my work amount. The Lazer Z easily outdid the John Deere. If you do a lot of residential lawns, I recommend the 52-inch; it is very easy to get around. If you are going to mow a lot, get the full-suspension seat—it’s well worth it. THANKS, Exmark.
Shedrick Lawson
Poboys Lawn Care
Sparta, GA
I just love cutting grass with my Exmark. It cuts with precision.
Steve Williams
Williams Mowing, Inc.
Kokomo, IN
We’ve been providing outside grounds services for 14 years. For the last 6.5 years, it’s been all Exmark. We currently use four 48” Metros with 17-hp Kawasakis, one 52” walk-behind, and two 60” Lazer Z riders. Never have I had to even worry about trade-in value because I’ve always got people on a list, waiting to purchase whatever machines I’m ready to turn at the end of the season. Everybody in my community who’s in the know has an Exmark! A product of choice for our company. Thanks.
Matthew Korkin
Korkin's Landscaping
Bedford, NH
Four years ago I purchased a 52" Turf Tracer HP. It now has approximately 1000 hrs on it, never changing a single part, not even a belt. Best of all, it works as flawlessly as it did the day I purchased it. When it comes to mowing equipment, Exmark is the one!!!
Carl Cross
C.C.V. Lawn Service
Hopewell, VA
I bought my first Exmark in February 2001 It's a walk-behind with a two-wheeled sulky attached. The model is a Metro HP, 15 hp, 48" cut. Where I cut, there are hills and grades that I would not ride on a regular mower; however, this baby can take almost any every hill that I have encountered. One owner of a complex asked me if my mower had 4WD drive on it. I can hardly wait until I get my two Lazer Z ztr's this year.
Keith Fester
Festering Landscapes
Honey Brook, PA
If you are in business to make money, not to work and work again for free, then go buy an Exmark. I started with a Turf Ranger in 1994 and made some money. But when it died, I went out and got my first 60” 25-hp Lazer Z... Love it. I save a lot of time and payroll went down. Now I have a 72” 31-hp Laser Z, and I would never do without an Exmark ever again.
Chris Sprong
R&C Yard Services, Inc.
Ames, IA
Exmark was the first zero-turn my company purchased about 7 years ago. We then purchased 12 Toro zero-turns, both 62" and 72" decks. This year we are switching back to all Exmark Lazer Zs and walk-behind mowers. The first Exmark Lazer Z has outlasted and outperformed all of the Toros purchased afterwards. The Exmark decks are built to last. Thanks, Exmark.
Larry Jones
Grapevine Lawn Service
Goodsprings, TN
Jim Brown
I just started my landscaping business this past year and was walking behind a Scag all summer. Then I bought a 52” Lazer Z HP and I can't believe how awesome it is. I'm going to take on more lawns with the time this machine is going to save me. Thanks, Exmark, for such an awesome mower!!!
Joe Yankus
Clean Cut Landscape Maint.
Thomaston, CT
Been using Exmark since Day 1. Sixteen years later, I never looked back. I purchased a Lazer Z, 25-horse Kohler 5 years back and have paid it off in labor savings plus! You just can't justify not buying one when the only thing you have to lose is labor cost. I put my trust in Exmark 16 years ago and they haven't let me down.
Chase Tenney
Leesburg, FL
Hi. I am 12 years old and I mow with an Exmark Lazer Z riding mower, 72-inch deck, 25-hp. It is great, dependable, and we love it. We have 5 acres and it gets it done really fast--approx. 1 1/2 hours. The thing I like about it is the speed! Thanks for making a good, quality mower!
Tom Greenwood
Greenwood Lawn Care
Wellington, FL
I purchased my Exmark 36" walk-behind in 1989. Other than normal maintenance, I have had no trouble at all. I have used it every day, and it is still running great. I think that says it all. Thanks, Exmark.
Carlos Riley
Rileys Lawn Service
Lincoln City, OR
We purchased our first hydro mower this month and I am so impressed with the Exmark Viking. I have been operating the Metro for the past 18 months and, while I love it, the hydro is that much better. The instant reverse saves a lot of time. There are less operating sequences, which is nice. The belt slipping is also eliminated, which is great. I highly recommend either unit.
A.J. Hager
Axcell Lawn Specialists
Galesburg, IL
The Lazer Zs are as good as lawn mowers get. The first Lazer Z the company ran put on just shy of 2500 hours in 2 seasons, and all that was needed were oil changes. Throw in the performance capabilities and I don't know how someone could go wrong. The boss decided it was time to trade in the first 60-inch and we stepped up to the big 72-inch. We’re already impressed with the performance after the first week. Now we get done earlier, and it helps the boss's bottom line.
Paul Stewart
Stewart Lawn Care
Cuttingsville, VT
Hello, Exmark. I just want to say how great your mowers really are. I just started my own lawn care this year and never thought mowing could be so fun. What makes it fun is your 60” Lazer Z, 23-hp. The way things are going, I hope to be getting one more soon. Thanks for the nice mowers.
Josehp Miller
Blue Ridge Lawn Care
Aroda, VA
We really like our 60-in. Exmark. I have had it for 8 months; it is quite the machine.
Miles Bradshaw
Lutz, FL
Dear Exmark: My dad and I just got a 48" Laser Z HP! It's awesome! It used to take me 2-4 hours a lawn with my old ride-on mower. Now it takes me 30 minutes to 1 hour a lawn! I've never been so impressed with a mower before. Keep up the good work! Miles Bradshaw, age 13. Miles Bradshaw Age 13
Scott McClelland
All Terrain Landscaping
Orlando, FL
The new Lazer Z HP is the latest edition to my growing fleet of Exmarks. I built my company using them, and I will never buy anything else. The quality of cut and reliability is second to none, no matter if my people are using the Metro 36"s, or the Lazer. Thank you, Exmark! Keep up the good work!
Jason Nuzzo
Meadow View Lawn Care
North Haven, CT
I’ve been running a 48” Metro for the last 2 seasons. Before then, I would spend more money on fixing other equipment such as Craftsman, Toro, and John Deere. Since I’ve had my Exmark, mowing has become fun again! My friends and I use nothing but Exmark because it gets the job done quick and easy. Thanks, Exmark!
Mark Lay
AA Tex Lawn Company
Matthews, NC
We have been in the lawn maintenance business for 20 years and have used just about all the walk-behinds on the market--red, green, orange. Well, we know the nicest lady at Pinkston's, the Exmark place. We just bought the new Turf Tracer with ECS. This WB is so well-thought-out and operates so smooth, yet powerful. My guys were fighting over "their turn.” We sold all the other colors and went back and got more Exmarks. Thanks, Laina and Randy, for all your help and my new assets.
Eric Woodward
Green Thumb Lawn & Garden
Croyden, PA
Hi. I just purchased that new 60" 23-hp Lazer Z Liquid-Cooled. This mower is as good as they say. I have only mowed about 75 lawns with it at this time. Once again, I must thank all at Exmark for making the best possible mower they can. Good luck to all this season.
David Fricks
Pro Lawn Maintenance
Ellijay, GA
I’ve been in business 16 years. My company has used Kubota and Grasshopper but switched to Exmark in 2001. The Lazer Z HP is one awesome mower--the best mower we have ever used. Will purchase another Lazer Z next year.
Eric Bailey
Bailey Green Landscaping
Franlin, NJ
Hello, Exmark. I am 21 and own Bailey Green Landscaping, I’ve had this company since I was 12 years old. My first mower was a 48” Exmark Hydro. I bought my first Lazer Z at 14. After that, the company took off. I would like to thank all at Exmark for making the world's best mowers and helping me making a good profit. THANK YOU, EXMARK.
Dan Erb
Turfman Lawn Care (Dan's T
Winnebago, IL
I started my business when I was 12 years old. I pushed my 21" push mower around the town with the weed whacker on top of the mower and a broom on my shoulder. Then I bought a 44" Toro walk-behind. Right after I bought that, I fell in love with the Exmark Lazer Z. Everywhere I went the salespeople told me it was the best mower on the market. I worked hard and finally got enough money, and I bought my Exmark Lazer Z. After using it, I realized I'll never go back.
John Gamba
KJS Lawn Service
Bloomfield, CT
Hello, Exmark. I bought a 2000 model Turf Tracer 23-hp Kohler, and I'm not only very happy with the mower, I'm very happy with the people behind the Exmark label, like Lenny, Joel, Fred and Terry. I'm getting ready to buy an Exmark rider for 2001. They're why Exmark has the advantage over the other mower companies. See you on my new Lazer Z. Thank you.
Chris Fama
Village Green Landscape
Shelton, CT
I have been in the landscape field for over 15 years and, from the moment I started my business, it’s been Exmark all the way. My company has put your machines above all the other brands. From our Vikings, our Metros, our Turf rangers to our new Lazer Zs, our fleets rely on your machines solely. We’d like to thank you for all the help you have given us.
Russell Hamilton
E. Carolina Outdoor Maint.
Benson, NC
I consider my business rather small. I started about 5 years ago with a Murray push mower and, over the years, I have quickly grown. I now run a 48” walk-behind and am getting ready to buy a 52” Lazer Z. Exmark is the heat!!!! I will never buy anything but Exmark for my business. My equipment has proven itself to be extremely reliable. I also want to say that my dealer, Barefoot's in Dunn, North Carolina, is the best! Thank you, Exmark, for a wonderful product, and thank you, Barefoot's!
Ernie Jenkins
Morganton, NC
I have owned a Cub Cadet and a Simplicity, but I never owned a lawn mower until I bought my new Lazer Z! I love it! Keep up the good work.
Dennis Hensley
Good Neighbor Lawn Service
South Bend, IN
After using a Snapper 2560 for the first two seasons, feeling frustrated with the level of service for my customers, I purchased an Exmark Laser Z, and WOW…I am so impressed with the quality of the cut, the speed, and the maneuverability of the unit that I cannot express my delight. I am ordering two more Exmark Laser Zs for the 2001 season!!!!!!
Eric Woodward
Green Thumb Lawn & Garden
Croydon, PA
Hi. I just wanted to take a second to say how much I like my Exmark mowers. I had some old mowers and, when it came time to buy new, I would only purchase Exmark. I remember taking some time to check out a few different kinds of mowers and, for the price and quality, I found Exmark to be one of the best. Well, to tell the truth, I found Exmark to be the best on the market. I have been working with Exmark mowers for 4 years and love them. I have three Exmark mowers—two 48" and one 36". I'm about to buy a 60" and it will be an Exmark. Thank you to all at Exmark for making it the best.
James Sukosd
Alliance, OH
To whom it may concern: I wanted to drop a quick line about my Turf Ranger. It just impresses my customers like crazy; they come out and ask me, “How did you get rid of all those leaves?” I tell them I mulched them. You can’t even tell there were leaves unless you saw the “before picture.” Just wanted to let you know how well the mulcher performs. Thanks!
Woodland Christian Camp
Temple, GA
We have a 60-inch Lazer Z. It cuts great, saves time and needs very little maintenance at all. In the past we had other mowers that were a nightmare, but not the Lazer Z. It was a great investment.
Jason Nuzzo
Meadow View Lawn Care
North Haven, CT
I got my first Exmark Metro mower at the start of the spring. I think it's the best thing I've ever bought. I have gotten more accounts, and the Exmark ride-on I got makes it go so fast and easy. Out of all the mowers I had, I like Exmark the best. I will not buy anything besides an Exmark for years to come!
Michael Cabrey
Manlius, NY
I have been running a Viking for the past 3 years and a Turf Tracer for the past 2. It is some of the best equipment that I have ever had. Before I had the Exmark stuff, I was running a John Deere and it seems like I spent more money on fixing it than I was making. Thanks for making mowing fun again!
Richard Staupe
Ricks Quality Lawn Care
Lakeville, MN
We purchased our 52” Lazer Z mower this summer and have never been so impressed. It's fast and delivers a great cut. My employees love to use it. I am going to buy another this fall; it cuts time in half. My salesperson was the best. It's hard to get a quality product AND great support from the dealer. Mark Smetana was awesome! He works at Larson Equipment in Northfield, Minnesota. I will be a customer for life!
Martin Harris
Harris Lawn & Landscape
Tullahoma, TN
Exmark are my mowers of choice! I used to use John Deere, but Exmark has a better deck (thickness) than Deere!
Randy Gauthier
Stow Home Care
Morrisville, VT
After running Exmark for 5 years, I feel they are the best on the market.

P.S. Been mowing for 12 years.
Greg Schnabl
The Lawn Boy
Huntingdon Valey, PA
The Lazer Z is the best mower. It is so fast. It helps me get all my jobs done a lot faster than my walk-behinds. Thanks, Exmark. You changed my company.
Richard Staupe
Rick's Quality Lawn Care
Lakeville, MN
We purchased our Lazer Z 52 inch mower this summer and have never been so impressed.It's fast and delivers a great cut. My employees love to use it. I am going to buy another this fall, cuts time in half. My sales person was the best. It's hard to get a quality product and great support from the dealer, Mark Smetana was awesome! . He works at Larson Equipment in Northfield Minnesota. I will be a customer for life!
Dan Schnitzler
Johnson Grass
Alexandria, KY
We have two 60" Lazer Zs and a 48" walk-behind, and we are looking to buy two more 60" Lazer Zs. We think they are the best mowers ever made. Keep up the good work. Please send us some stickers or posters so we can pass on what we all know--that they’re the best. Thanks!
Jim Blinn
Moreland Services
Hartland, WI
We purchased a 52" Lazer Z with mulch kit—it grinds fall leaves to powder!
Chris Koester
Koester's Landscape
St. Louis, MO
This past spring I purchased the company’s first Lazer Z--25 hp, 60". We had added a few larger commercial properties and thought it was time to try one of Exmark's riders. Prior to the Lazer Z, we operated 6 Exmark walk- behinds (36"-52" decks). My company would never run a different brand mower. Our daily used equipment ranges in hours from 180-1900. Very little trouble. We’re looking into a 21" Exmark push mower for small areas. Thanks, Exmark!
Newport News, VA
I just purchased a 48” Lazer Z HP with a 21-hp Kawasaki. Love it! I don't know how I did without it for so long. It’s absolutely the best mulching mower I've ever used (and I've used a lot). In general, I mulch the grass. However, there are occasions when discharging would be preferable. What would really be cool is if your engineers could design the deck such that the mulching baffles are built in and could be raised or lowered, depending on the circumstances. Great mower. Keep up the good work!
Affordable Lawn Care
Lexington, NC
After months of research on Z-mowers, I made the best decision and purchased a new Lazer Z HP. I received a fantastic deal, and was treated like royalty by the dealer. This is the best mower for the money and it has reduced my mowing time by almost 35%. Thanks for making such a quality product!
JSW Lawn Care Service
Cincinnati, OH
As owner of JSW Lawn Care Service, I just wanted you to know that I depend on my mowers 100% of the time to carry me a complete season with very low maintenance problems. I have never had an emergency with my equipment that caused me to lose a day's pay or a sleepless night due to performance of my equipment.
Forsyth Lawn Co
Forsyth, IL
We use 2 Lazer Zs. Forsyth Lawn Co. will only mulch, NO BAGGING! Exmark has the finest mulching mower on the market. It also gives the best, smoothest finished cut that all our commercial and residential customers love. Keep up the good work!
Bonin's Lawn Service
Lafayette, LA
This is my THIRD Exmark Turf Ranger since 1993. My first 2 had over 2,000 hours when I sold them, bringing me $2,500.00 and $2,795.00 on resale. All are 52-inch cut. These machines are bulletproof. All you change are belts and pulleys and a blade spindle every now and then. I stand by my Ranger. Nothing cuts a residential lawn like a 52-inch Ranger. It gives the best manicured cut in the business. This machine can do everything I want and need it to do in my business. The Exmark Turf Ranger is the best machine on the market on the basis of: 1) Quality of cut; 2) Durability; and 3) Price.
Londonderry, NH
I purchased this machine on the recommendation of a dealer who was gracious enough to survey our property and find a machine to suit our needs. As it turns out, he was right on the money!! This property is very hilly. It used to take all day to cut the grass. Now I can do the whole job in 2 hours, allowing me to spend more time with the children! Thank you!
Brant's Lawn Service
Somerset, PA
I'm very impressed with my Exmark. We have cut our mowing time in half. I give my Exmark an A+ in satisfaction. Keep up the good work!
Carlos & Hollie
Rileys Lawn Service
Lincoln City, OR
We just purchased our first midsize mower. The Exmark Metro is a dream come true. What an extraordinary piece of equipment! We are convinced that the Exmark will be our mower of choice for decades to come.
Liberty, NY
I have a Lazer Z, 60-inch deck, and a 48-inch hydro walk-behind. This will be my second season with both. I've added more accounts because of the performance of these Exmark machines. They are just terrific.
Michael Smith
Michael P Smith Elite Lawn
Salem, OH
Hi. I own a large lawn care company. We bought a Lazer Z last summer. It was the best piece of equipment I have ever invested in. The reason I say “invested” is because it is worth its weight in gold. I also have 2 Jacobsen walk-behinds, and a Woods walk-behind which all have velkes. We mow 225 lawns per week. It was taking us 6 days to mow them all before I got the Lazer Z. Now we mow 272 lawns in 4.5 days with 2 less men. About 65% of my lawns are the size of a stamp, but the Lazer Z cuts our on-the-job time almost in half. I want to thank you for making such a perfect mower. I tested them all before I got one. Yours is the best!!! Thank you very much for taking the time to read my e-mail.
Bob and Krista
Bob and Krista's Lawn Service
Zephyrhills, FL
I have a 4-year-old Exmark Lazer Z and have yet to change a belt. How about that??
Kent Lawn Care
Armada, MI
I just would like to say that I currently run 8 Exmark mowers, ranging from a 32" Metro to 60" Lazer Zs, and I love them. I've tried other mowers and they just don’t meet my demands. It is true what Exmark says, Nobody Does It Better!

Winning Lawns
Springboro, OH
We have 2 Exmark Hydro, 48-inch mowers and have had nothing but good performance out of this equipment. Our commercial accounts are more than happy with us, so why would we buy anything else?

Pro Cuts Lawn Service
Breaux Bridge, LA
We are using a 25-hp, 60” Lazer Z and have just purchased a 23-hp, 52” Lazer Z HP. We have a lot of bayou lots, so we are always cutting on a lot of hills and slopes. The Lazer Z really gets the job done. And the mulching system is by far the best we have ever used.
Leisure Time Lawn Care
Pittsburgh, PA
I have been around Exmark for about four years now. My previous employer had Kubota G Series Tractors, until we tried the Laser. He then traded one in on a Laser and his other tractor collected dust and a whole two hours that whole year. One Laser Z did the work of two tractors, in less time, and had a better cut. We put over 1200 hours on it that first season and it still ran strong. I now own my own business and I have a Turf Tracer HP that I love. My business has grown so much that I am going to buy a Laser Z with the new UltraVac system. I tried one this past fall and was very impressed with its cutting and bagging ability. I like the fact that it is easy to take off, and you do not need to worry about taking care of two engines on one machine. I've tried everything--Exmark is the best.
Travis Van Ness
PlushGreen Landscaping
Groveport, OH
Last year I started this business with a 52" Turf Tracer HP. At the rate my business is growing, I will need to purchase larger mowers (such as Lazer Zs) for the recent acquisition of commercial properties. With the dependable service and quality that I experienced during the past season, you can count on repeat business from my company. Keep up the great work!
Ormond Beach, FL
I just wanted to say that I purchased an Exmark Metro from The Mower Depot located here in Ormond Beach, Florida and I love it. My company is growing incredibly fast so I am also very interested in purchasing an Exmark Lazer Z. I shopped around and looked at a lot of mowers but you cannot beat the ease of controls and the power that these mowers have. I can really count of your mowers to get me through the day.
The Landscape Co.
Mesa, AZ
I have to say that you are one great group of mower manufacturers! Now that I have had the pleasure and good fortune to see the care and effort that goes into each and every piece of your product, I have decided to name each one and care for it as though it has a soul! Your equipment is the backbone of my operation.
Morning Glory Land
Middle Town, RI
I've been using your equipment for the past few years and I find it to be very durable. If you only knew our boss and the hard work we put these machines through! It just means that I have nothing but respect for the quality of your equipment. I stand behind the Exmark name, 100%!

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