Vantage Stand-On Mowers With EFI

The Exmark Vantage Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) stand-on mower goes above and beyond the industry standard in operator-focused design, superior maneuverability, and legendary durability. Take advantage of Vantage lawn equipment today!

Vantage S-Series EFI

The operator platform is just the beginning of a noticeable quality difference between Exmark stand-on mowers and those of our competitors. The Vantage S-Series mowers feature a large, rubber-padded platform with weight-compensating suspension that allows the operator to easily and comfortably shift his weight on hills for maximum control and maneuverability.�Set up a demo to try one out today.

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Vantage S-Series EFI

Renowned for its progressive, operator-focused design and advanced features including a Patented Mechanical Control System and Zero-Maintenance Spindles.