Commercial 30 X-Series

As low as $2,599  or $77  per month USD

Do you want the portability and versatility of a 30-inch deck width in your next commercial walk-behind mower? Look no further than the Exmark Commercial 30-inch X-Series. Travel at variable speeds between 0 and 3.8 mph thanks to a powerful Kawasaki engine. Produce precise turf length with Exmark’s patented height adjustment system. Tackle any project with fewer breaks with a one-gallon fuel tank.

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Mower deck widths: 30"
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Commercial 30 X-Series Features

EX19 ECX200CKC30000 Engine

Increased Power

The Commercial 30 X-Series is equipped with a single-cylinder commercial engine. The increased displacement of the powerful commercial engine gives it more torque than competing engines to quickly power through the toughest, thickest grass.

EX19 C30X Transmission

Upgraded Transmission

The heavy-duty wet clutch transmission and self-tensioning belt drive are designed for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability in the most demanding commercial applications. The Commercial 30 X-Series also includes a parking brake.

EX19 ECX200CKC30000 WheelTorque

Increased Wheel Torque

The upgraded heavy-duty transmission takes advantage of the engine’s additional power. It delivers increased wheel torque to power up hills, with easier tracking on side hills. The positive drive design couples both drive wheels for maximum traction in all conditions.

Model Specs

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