Commercial Lawn Spreader Sprayers

If you're looking for the most advanced and innovative spreader sprayer for your lawn, choose Exmark. We provide the highest quality of turf care equipment available in the industry. We'll keep your turf looking lush and healthy.

Turf Management Made Easy

Fertilizing and overseeding are important aspects of any lawn care regimen and we make it a breeze with our versatile, easy-to-operate spreader-sprayer. This simple-to-maneuver machine offers our most advanced lean-to steer technology. Couple that with outstanding stability and you have a spreader-sprayer that is built to last.

State-of-the-Art Features

Our lawn spreader-sprayer comes equipped with intuitive controls. With everything right at your fingertips, making adjustments is easy. The agitation system also allows you to mix chemicals directly in the tank, and the roomy hopper can hold up to 175 pounds. At Exmark, we believe in making only the best lawn care equipment.

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