Vertex E-Series

As low as $9,899  or $292  per month USD

When you need a more productive mower for small to mid-size properties, Vertex E-Series is the right choice. With the operator placed comfortably on a suspended platform between the drive wheels, Vertex E-Series is designed to easily clear gates that would stop larger machines in their tracks. And with speeds up to 7.5mph forward, you’ll finish jobs faster, with less fatigue, than you would with a walk-behind mower. Your customers will love Exmark’s signature cut quality, and you'll love how fast you got the job done. That's a win-win. *Coming in 2024*

Mower deck widths: 32" 36"
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Vertex E-Series Features

Professional Performance

Offering an exceptional blend of durability and low noise, the twin-cylinder Kawasaki FS600V engine delivers the power to tackle tough mowing jobs. Electric start makes getting started easy, while a dual element air filter and rotating grass chopper screen keep it running strong in the dirtiest, dustiest conditions.

Enhanced Maneuverability

The compact design of the Vertex E-Series enables it to mow areas with gates or other access limitations. The HydroGear hydro pumps and Parker wheel motors provide quick, responsive control, with forward speeds of up to 7.5mph forward, 4.0mph reverse.

Operator Focused Design

The design of the Vertex E-Series places the operator low, between the drive wheels on a suspended operator platform to increase balance, stability, and control. The wide-open standing viewpoint provides maximum visibility, and the dual-action controls offer heightened maneuverability. A single-point cut height adjustment system quickly and accurately sets deck height from 1.0- to 4.5-inches, in .25-inch increments.

Easy to Maintain

Designed to maximize reliability and minimize necessary in-season maintenance, the Vertex E-Series reduces productivity and profit killing downtime. And when maintenance is needed, we’ve worked hard to make it easier to perform, with a tools-free removable magnetic operator pad and an open architecture that facilitates access to the engine and hydro drive system.

Commercial Warranty

Mow with confidence, knowing the Vertex E-Series comes with a full 4-year or 750-hour commercial warranty, with no hour limit in the first two years.

Model Specs

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