Doing More With Propane

We're constantly working to find better, more environmentally sound solutions for landscape professionals looking to reduce their impact on the environment. As part of that challenge, we're offering eco-friendly options on our mowers to be easier on the planet while continuing to deliver exceptional performance. Propane is leading the way.

Propane is a cleaner, greener alternative fuel. When burned, it produces up to 25% less greenhouse gas than gasoline. At Exmark, we've raised the bar on propane-fueled mowers with improved starting, stronger performance and dramatically reduced fuel consumption, meaning lower operating costs for you.

Transitioning Mower Fleet to Propane

Lazer Z Propane

The Lazer Z Propane models offer the same renowned cut quality, productivity, durability and up-time performance all while reducing fuel consumption meaning more profits for you.

Vantage Propane

New for 2015! The environmentally friendly Exmark Vantage Propane delivers a progressive, operator-focused design, superior maneuverability and legendary durability.

Turf Tracer Propane

Exmark wide-area walk-behind mowers are an investment in the long run. The efficient, durable Turf Tracer Propane models reduce fuel costs, saving you time and money.