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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How often should I change the filter on the hydro system of my Exmark® unit?
Answer: We recommend that the filter initially be changed after the first 250 hours, and then annually thereafter. When changing the filter, we also recommend that you let the oil drain out of the reservoir through the filter base. Before reinstalling the new filter, it is necessary to prefill the filter before screwing it on the base. After tightening the filter, fill the reservoir to the top of the baffle. To minimize the chance of an air lock in the system, raise the drive tires of the unit slightly off the ground and secure the unit in this position. Then start the unit and engage the traction system, so that what little air may have entered the system can be quickly purged. Three to four minutes of running in this no-load condition is adequate.
Question: Do I have to use an Exmark replacement hydro filter (part number 513211)?
Answer: It is not absolutely necessary that an Exmark hydro filter be used, but it is advisable. The most important thing to understand is that you need a 10-micron hydraulic filter. While many filters appear to be identical externally, it’s what's inside that counts!! Most engine oil filters are 50-micron pressure filters, and a hydro filter is a 10-micron suction filter. The pistons in the hydraulic pump have a 40-micron tolerance, which means that if a 50-micron filter were used, contaminants would flow unrestricted through the filter and wear out the pump much more quickly. The key, whether it is our filter or someone else's, is that it be a 10-micron hydraulic filter.
Question: Should my Lazer Z or Lazer Z HP track straight when both drive levers are pushed to the full forward position?
Answer: Not necessarily. There are several variables that may or may not allow the unit to track straight when the drive levers are both placed in the full forward position. The first thing that could cause the unit to pull slightly one way or the other is the cutout in the console that becomes the stop, limiting the forward travel of the levers. It's impossible to hold a real tight tolerance in this area. If one lever strokes even .030 - .040 of an inch further, the pump responds accordingly. Secondly, at Exmark the tires shipped with the unit are matched, meaning both tires are inflated to 13 PSI and then the circumference is checked. If the tires are within ½" circumference of each other, they can be considered a set. If all the adjustments were perfect and the tires had ½" difference in circumference, every revolution of the larger tire would move that side of the unit ½" further. We inform customers in our end-user sessions that tire pressure should be varied to adjust for differences in circumference--one tire might have 15 PSI and the other 13 PSI. The third item that could cause a unit to track one direction or the other would be the actual hydro adjustment. It is recommended that this adjustment not be changed, however, unless the unit creeps either forward or reverse when the drive levers are in neutral.
Question: How often should I grease the front caster on my Lazer Z?
Answer: If your wheels have a grease zerk in them, they should be greased weekly. Wheels without a grease zerk only require annual maintenance. The upper swivels only need to be greased on an annual basis. Once a year the plug in the tube should be removed and a grease fitting should be installed. Then the top grease cap should be removed and grease pumped into the fitting until you see grease purging through the top bearing. At that point the cap and then the plug can be reinstalled.
Question: Are there hitch kits available for the Lazer Z?
Answer: Yes, the Lazer Z and Lazer Z AS use a P/N 631655 Hitch Kit. The Lazer Z XP and Lazer Z XS use P/N 103-9565. Finally, the Lazer Z HP needs a P/N 651234 Hitch Kit.
Question: Are there other seat options available for the Lazer Z? I am an owner/operator and am looking for an even more comfortable ride.
Answer: We use a deluxe suspension seat on the Lazer Z XS. This same seat can be added to any Lazer Z or Lazer Z HP. The suspension seat is sold as an accessory item and can be ordered from your dealer as an LSSEAT.
Question: Can I purchase parts or complete units direct from the factory?
Answer: Parts and/or complete units can only be purchased through authorized Exmark dealers. With commercial mowing equipment, it is critical that the unit be professionally set up and prepped prior to delivery to the owner. Exmark dealers are trained to provide this service and, if necessary, perform warranty repairs on units. Many Exmark dealers keep a good stock of Exmark service parts, and those parts they don't have can be ordered via our Parts Plus program, if necessary. What is Parts Plus? It is a guaranteed overnight parts-delivery program that can assure you that most parts (size and weight restrictions apply) can be there the next business day, or they are free. We don't charge any extra handling fees for expediting the part or parts; however, the customer is liable for the next-day air freight when requesting this service. When you consider the cost associated with a unit being down for three or four days, waiting for parts, the freight to guarantee overnight delivery is minimal.
Question: If I need warranty work done, do I have to go back to the dealer where I purchased the unit?
Answer: It is not mandatory that the selling dealer performs a warranty repair. Simply go to any authorized Exmark dealer and show your bill of sale, documenting when you bought the unit.
Question: Can I get a specially built unit with an engine option not otherwise offered on the particular unit I'm interested in?
Answer: Sorry, we do not take special orders for Exmark units at this time.
Question: What should I do to get the most from my unit?
Answer: Follow the maintenance schedules listed in the operator's manual. Keep excessive debris from accumulating on the unit, but don't wash the unit any more than you have to. We recommend that debris on the unit be blown off, with your handheld or backpack blower, at the end of each job or at least at the end of each day. When you wash the unit excessively, moisture collects on top of the bearing seals and in other places, causing corrosion that can shorten the life of these components. If you wash the unit, be sure to start it and run the engine and blades for five to 10 minutes to displace or evaporate the moisture from these areas. Moisture in the electrical connections also leads to corrosion and the potential for premature failure. It may not be the cleanest mower on the block, but it will last the longest.
Question: What type of oil should I use in the engine?
Answer: Use what the engine manufacturer recommends. Be aware that Kawasaki ® still recommends straight 30-weight oil in their engines, and Kohler Command™ engines require multiweight 10W-30 oil. The man who hired me here at Exmark, over 15 years ago, always said "the cheapest thing you will ever put in that engine is oil.” What Lou meant was that changing the oil on a regular schedule, even if I have not hit the number of hours the manufacturer recommends, will extend the life of the unit. Some people ask about using synthetic oil in the engine. It is OK to use synthetic oil, but the other thing to remember is that using synthetic oil does not change the recommended oil change interval.