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Why Aerate

Along with mowing, watering, fertilizing and pest control, aeration is an important part of turf care. While there are several different types of aeration, hollow tine or "core" aeration is the most common technique for residential and commercial properties.

There are a number of reasons to core aerate, but the main benefits are to:

  1. Relieve compaction – Compacted soil reduces the amount of pores, which are essential for gas exchange and water retention.
  2. Improves gas exchange - Gas exchange is critical for proper root respiration. The more pores available for oxygen, the healthier the root system.
  3. Improves soil drainage – Improved drainage means that more water is percolating into the soil from natural precipitation or irrigation. This means less run-off and more water getting to where it needs to go. Poor soil drainage also increases the possibility for disease.

Bottom line: aeration improves the overall health of the turf.

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