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Propane Powered Equipment
Carbon Footprint

Propane is considered a Green Alternative Fuel and when burned, it produces less GHG (green house gas) yielding a reduced Carbon Footprint as compared to gasoline. Propane Education & Research (PERC) reports that GHG reductions typically range from 20% to 25%.
Tank Construction

All tanks are of DOT compliance / construction. The 33 ½ lb and 43 ½ lb tanks are constructed of aluminum while the 20 lb tanks are constructed of steel.
Engine Service Considerations

Propane is cleaner burning and has fewer combustion by-products as compared to gasoline. Spark plugs will stay cleaner and will contain less contaminates which may result in extended engine life.

Propane Powered Lawn Equipment

Performance, Fuel Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly.

We’re constantly working on finding better, more environmentally friendly solutions for landscape professionals as they look to reduce their impact on the environment. Part of what we’re doing is modifying our mowers to be easier on the planet while continuing to deliver exceptional performance.


  • Powered by Kohler® Command™ EFI engines that feature closed-looped technology.
  • The fuel efficient Kohler EFI dramatically reduces fuel consumption and improves run time compared to a conventional carbureted propane system.
  • Typically, fuel costs for propane will be significantly less than gasoline, resulting in lower operating costs.
  • Best-In-Class startability. Fuel lock-off is controlled by the ECU which means mowers work and start like your car without the use of a choke.

Models Include:

52", 60" or 72" Lazer Z® S-Series
52" or 60" Turf Tracer® X-Series
48" Turf Tracer S-Series

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