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Exmark Original Belts

Why Should I Buy Exmark Original Belts?

The next time your customer balks at the retail price of a deck or pump belt, and threatens to buy a much cheaper industrial, or aftermarket product, consider this. Aftermarket companies have the luxury of only having to design belts to a generic dimension, with generic materials. The trouble with that is, nobody operates a generic machine. Every belt drive has its own dynamics and unique demands. The belt you use on that drive can only answer the call if the same engineering team that designs the machine, designs the belt. Otherwise, your customer may only get the performance and reliability they paid for.

Arm yourself with the facts. Here are just some of the design elements taken into consideration before a v-belt gets Exmark’s approval:

  • Service Factor
  • Dimensions
  • Belt stretch
  • Cushion material
  • Fiber loading
  • Tensile cord selection
  • Tensile cord diameter
  • Tensile cord placement
  • Tensile cord twist
  • Envelope fabric

Exmark Original Parts

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