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Maintenance Schedule: Lazer Z® & Lazer Z Advantage Series S/N 790,000 and Higher
After the first 5 hours
  • Change the engine oil
After the first 100 hours
  • Check the wheel hub slotted nut torque specifications
  • Check the wheel lug nuts
  • Check the park brake adjustment
Before each use or daily
  • Check the engine oil level.
  • Check the mower blades
  • Check the safety interlock system
  • Check the rollover protections systems (roll bar) knobs.
  • Check the seat belt
  • Check for loose hardware.
  • Clean the engine cooling system.
  • Clean the grass build-up from under the cutting deck.
Every 50 hours
  • Check the hydraulic oil level.
  • Check the tire pressures
  • Check the condition of the belts.
  • Check spark arrester (if equipped)
Every 100 hours
  • Change the engine oil. (May need more often under severe conditions.)
  • Lubricate the deck lift pivots.
  • Remove the engine shrouds and Clean the cooling fins.
Every 200 hours
  • Service the air cleaner. (May need more often under severe conditions. See the Engine Owner’s Manual for additional information.)
  • Lubricate the brake handle pivot.
  • Check the spark plugs.
Every 500 hours
  • Change the hydraulic filter and fluid.
  • Check the wheel hub slotted nut torque specifications.
  • Check the wheel lug nuts.
  • Check the park brake adjustment.
  • Grease the deck and pump idler pivots.
  • Grease the front caster pivots.
Note: Our operator’s manual details the steps and procedures for the above items.
           To download the operator’s manual, please click here.

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