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Exmark FMV (Fair Market Value) Leasing Program*

Available to Landscape Contractor Customers Only
(Minimum ticket amount is $10,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would A Landscape Professional Lease?
  • Lower monthly payments
    Compared to “0% for 24 months” financing
  • Budget certainty
    Fixed monthly operating expense
  • No unexpected charges... repairs under warranty*
    Subject to published warranty hour limitations
  • Fleet flexibility
    • Change/update equipment to meet varying needs every two years
    • Always run the latest technology... remove risk of obsolescence
  • Fleet reliability
    Newer equipment means reduced downtime
What Is Exmark´s FMV Lease Structure?
Type: Fair Market Value (FMV)
Equipment: New Exmark
Customers: Commercial only
Min. finance amount: $10K (no max)
Term: 24 months (36 months available)
Sales Tax: Added to each payment
Max annual hours: Options of 600, 900, or 1200
Advance payments required:


Customer doc fee: $250
Administered by: Synchrony Financial
What Options Do My Landscape Professionals Have At The End Of The Lease?
  1. Continue leasing
    1. Same payment
    2. Does not reduce purchase price
  2. Purchase for FMV
    1. Determined by Synchrony based on market
    2. 12 month financing available
  3. Return equipment to dealer
    • 90 days prior to lease end
      • The lessee can request a fair market value amount from Synchrony on their equipment
    • 30-60 days prior to lease end
      • Synchrony seeks decision on the lessee's intention at the end of lease term
      • Synchrony communicates lease owners intention to the selling Dealer
Since The Lease Is Hours Based, Do I Need To Add Hour-meters To All Units Where Hours-meters Are Not Standard?
Yes, all units sold on this program must have an hour-meter installed on the unit. Dealers will need to install quality aftermarket hour-meters and build the cost of these into their final selling price. If you have questions in regards to recommended hour-meter brands and installation methods please contact the Exmark Customer Service Team.

Contact your local dealer for more details about Exmark's Fair Market Value Lease Program For Landscape Professionals.

Click HERE to find a dealer near you.

* Leasing program is not currently available for residents of Canada.

Exmark Professional Equipment Leasing Program

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