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RED Technology - An Onboard Intelligence Platform For Exmark Mowers

 Onboard Intelligence Platform

This addition to EFI and E-Gov helps optimize machine life, maximize productivity and dramatically increase fuel efficiency. It enables communication and response between key systems on your mower.

Defined operation Modes Engine speed is controlled by a three-position rocker switch that enables operator to match power for specific mowing conditions. Efficient offers peak performance power with reduced fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and overall wear on the machine. Max provides power exceeding todays units for operating in demanding conditions. Low is for operating in wet conditions and helps reduce deck packing for a superior cut.

System Monitoring Red tracks engine temperature and oil pressure. It places the machine in “safe transport” mode when critical thresholds are exceeded—allowing safe return for servicing. Operators receive a visual warning of critical system issues. Clutch Saver Clutch life is extended by engaging at 2750 RPM and disengaging at 2500 RPM, regardless of throttle position. This improves operator efficiency by enabling “on the fly” PTO engage/disengagement.

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