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Why Exmark?
“Exmark is number one with me.”

When commercial cutters like Jeffrey Edwards from Ohio talk about how Exmark® might improve its mowing systems, we listen and then responds with workable solutions that routinely raise the bar in regard to power, performance and operator productivity.

“This year alone running a pair of Exmark mowers, I’ve increased profit by over 30 percent and doubled productivity with two less employees. Exmark is number one with me.”

Continually talking with landscape professionals is a key reason why Exmark is able to deliver design innovations that improve operator comfort, convenience and safety.

For example, when we were asked if the Lazer Z® operator controls could be moved to a more convenient location, we went to work. The primary controls, including throttle, choke and blade engagement, were moved from between the operator’s legs to the top of the right-hand fenderpad.

The bottom line is, Exmark’s design philosophy is not just about horsepower, productivity and performance, but how:

power works to deliver a quality-of-cut that ensures customer satisfaction
productivity works to cut more grass in less time so more jobs get done each day and
performance works to increase profits by reducing maintenance and downtime.

You can trust that Exmark has done everything in its power to prepare your mowing system before it arrives — so when it does, you can get on with the business of turning an even greater profit.

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